About Me: Rae

Hi all! My name is Rae, many of you may know me from Bookmark Chronicles where I host a weekly meme called This or That? I originally planned to talk about only books, but I’ve also added a bit of a social justice aspect to it simply because the issues are too important to ignore.

Like Carla, I am a feminist and I believe that intersectionality is extremely important. None of us have just one identity so it’s crucial to cater to each of them. As a recent graduate of a Catholic university (although I am not Catholic) I learned that one of the Jesuit values is Cura Personalis: Caring for the whole person and that is something that I think about at all times.

I love to read, I love music and I love being a resource for people.

I am super excited to be a part of “Coalition of the Brave” because its nice to know that you’re never really alone in the battle for justice even though sometimes it feels that way.

For more info about me or Bookmark Chronicles, click the link above or check out my Facebook and Twitter pages.



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