What is ‘evil?’

This is a difficult question in some ways, and easy in others. In the context of this site and its message, it becomes even more challenging, but challenge is what helps us to grow and learn, and face our own prejudice head-on.

I offer up some thoughts from a site that I discussed quite recently:

Imagine this:  a man walks into a crack house and proceeds to violently execute everyone in it.  A tragedy?  Of course.  A reason to excuse crack smoking and pretend that crack smoking is a good thing?  Of course not.  A senseless tragedy such as a slaughter of crackheads does not make being a crackhead good.  It is still an evil, and almost anyone commenting on such a tragedy would not hesitate to point that out.

Why is it then, that those of us who have chosen to point out the evil of homosexuality in reference to the Orlando slaying are considered to be so tasteless and wrong?  The deceased were all at the Pulse nightclub to, at the very least, celebrate a wicked and destructive lifestyle, and in many cases, to bring home one or more people with whom to commit horrid, horrid, sexual acts.

Regarding the first half of the quote, is it fair to condemn drug users as ‘evil’? I regard turning to substances such as cocaine and heroine as being a huge mistake, but evil? I don’t know the circumstances behind every drug addict and I certainly wouldn’t judge them like that. Everyone is an individual, with their own story, and to glibly label them all is unfair. Might addicts do harmful things whilst under the influence or when seeking a fix? Unquestionably. Should we be condemning them or helping them? I know what I’d do.

But please, don’t take what I said there to mean I think homosexuals need helping. They don’t. The two situations aren’t comparable, despite the author’s efforts to link them. This is an individual who describes acts of love between two people (or, depending on the circumstances, acts of pleasure between two consenting adults) as ‘evil’, and suggests we shouldn’t be mourning the deaths of those killed at Pulse. Is inciting hatred towards homosexuals and implying their deaths are good not an evil action in itself?

4 thoughts on “What is ‘evil?’

  1. If it harm none, do what you will. I don’t even understand how people come with their concepts of evil sometimes.


  2. I agree!! I think it’s pretty evil to be celebrating, in any way, the death of all those innocent people.


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