Time is Important

Whenever there is any kind of event, any sort of tragedy, there is a reflexisive response to it. A kneejerk reaction, if you will. Judgement comes swiftly from people who might be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from where the event took place – why are we so swift to judge?

I think we have become too keen to look for the easy answer. This is the way of the Brexit campaign in the EU Referendum: ‘we better act quickly, because of scare tactics A B and C!’ Pausing to think and wait for all the facts to come to light isn’t what we do as a species anymore. Instead, we play the blame game, without offering anything constructive.

That’s part of the reason why this Coalition exists. We are here to combat reactionary thinking. It usually achieves very little and often makes the problem worse. It’s a symptom of what I call the ‘reactionary right’ of politics (though please bear in mind, I don’t regard all right-wingers this way, far from it). It is usually the right that seeks quick answers and easy solutions, without thinking of the long-term consequences (such as Brexit). The right is more insular and less open to different ideas and opinions. The right will give less time to think of all the facts and details.

This is not to say the left is perfect. The left will sometimes fall over itself in its haste to avoid offending anyone, instead of saying what needs to be said. A problem that’s denied to exist is a problem that will never go away. Taking too much time to deal with something will mean it never gets done.

Let us all remember the importance of devoting the right amount of time to gather the facts, and not dithering on a decision.

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