Stop Making Assumptions!

Before I really get into this post, I want to make something clear: I’m not trying to insinuate that white individuals get the same amount of prejudice thrown their way as any other race. Trust me, I know that’s not true. The reason that I’m writing this post is because there are so many people out there who make assumptions about people based on race – which is not right.

Living in the world we live in, I’ve heard assumptions made about almost every race and religion out there. I’ve heard people say that black people aren’t intelligent or that they all can dance, I’ve heard people say that all white people like rock n’ roll music, I’ve heard people say that all Jewish people are rich. The list goes on and on.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve gone to many different schools in my life and have been surrounded by people of different races. There were times in elementary and middle school when I was made fun of for being ‘too white’, both by white and black individuals. I once had someone say that I must like rock music because I was white.

Additionally, when I was in high school, a student was going on and on about how all Jewish people were rich. I’m not going to lie, it made me angry. I was raised Catholic and officially that’s my religion, but my dad’s side of the family is Jewish so I consider myself part Jewish as well. I hated that this person was making assumptions about all Jewish people based on what he had heard to be true about a couple of people.

I remember another time in high school when one of my friends told me that his uncle would hate me. Why? He said that his uncle wouldn’t like me because I’m Jewish and because he’s German. I remember thinking how that wasn’t fair, his uncle didn’t even know me! It wasn’t as if I would have immediately hated his uncle when I found out that he was German! Of course, after he told me how his uncle would act upon meeting me, I admit that I wondered what kind of person this man was.

Every individual is unique. Sure, some customs might be the same within a certain religion, but every single person has different traits. I’ve met too many kind people of different races and religions to make assumptions without getting to know the individual.

If you want to know more about someone’s race or religion, kindly ask. Please don’t assume things without fully getting to know the person.


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