Catcalling Opened My Eyes

Shared to the Coalition of the Brave.

Where in the World Where I Go Next?

Today, I experienced something that was super eye opening. As I walked my mile home to work, with Rihanna and Taylor Swift alternating through my earbuds, I came upon a group of guys. There were four of them, one on a bike and one with a brown bottle that was hiding only God knows what type of liquor.

“Hey! Hey! Hey, baby, you win!?” they yelled in my general direction until I turned around and pulled my blasting music out of my ears.

“Win? Mount Marathon? Do I look like I can run up the side of a mountain to you? I think not!” I laughed back at them.

“Baby, you sexy as fuck!” “Yeah, I think you could!” They all yelled their own compliments and general statements of appreciation of how I looked as they walked towards where I continued to stand across the street from the first dorm…

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