Peeping Tom

Reblogged to the Coalition of the Brave.

the twenty three year itch

Last week a man decided to climb atop a wheely bin on the street behind my house, look over the fence into my living area, and watch me: unbeknownst to me.

I live alone, and my living room is not visible from the street (unless you’re standing on a bin), so nudity is rampant. As is dancing to Beyonce with reckless abandon, but that’s another story. So this man saw me butt naked, freshly showered, standing in the kitchen texting my mum. I’m secretly relieved I wasn’t caught doing something weirder, but then maybe that would have scared him away.

My neighbour- who happened to be pulling into his car spot behind my house at the time of the offending- saw him peeping; verbally abused him; physically restrained him; and called the police. Great job team.

But now I am left in a position where I feel vulnerable and watched in my…

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