I’m not going to waste my time explaining to people what this means anymore. If you can’t understand then you need to check your privilege.

First Alton Sterling show while being restrained by two police officers.

Philando Castile pulled over for a busted taillight, following the directions that the office gave him and shot four times with his daughter in the backseat of the car.

Then a black man is found hanging from a tree in the south and it’s ruled a suicide without an investigation despite the fact that the KKK was openly recruiting there the night before.

Not to mention the fact that KKK is still freaking legal.


4 thoughts on “#BlackLivesMatter

    1. Meanwhile the Black Panthers, which were positively involved in communities, e.g. feeding schoolkids and their families; were disbanded. What does the KKK do? They burn crosses, lynch black people and turn that into a public spectacle. There is no justice in this world…

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