An Announcement and a Question

As those of you who follow this Coalition may be aware, we try to let voices be heard, and lend our blog as a platform for those whose voices might otherwise get drowned out. We encourage dialogue and conversation.

So it saddens me greatly that I have had to change the settings on this site concerning moderation of comments. This is due to one specific commentator, and if I could limit this move exclusively to this one individual, I would (if any other members of the Coalition know how to do this, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could tell me!). As it stands, every comment will end up in the moderation queue for the admins to look at. Rest assured, virtually all comments, even those that disagree with us, will be allowed through. There are of course, circumstances where they won’t.


The reason for this is due to the comments of someone going by the name ‘Christ Centered Teaching’. You can see their comments on the Hearts Break Again blog entry.

Because this blog is not a dictatorship, I am putting the question out there – am I right to block comments from this individual? Or should I permit them a voice?




9 thoughts on “An Announcement and a Question

  1. I never saw those comments until now. I would moderate comments, because we discuss important things, and could be of a sensitive nature.
    But I do know how to block just one individual, if you would prefer?

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    1. I think at the moment WordPress let’s you place all comments into a moderation queue or none of them. I don’t want to have to moderate everyone’s comments because of the unreasonable behaviour of a few, but I don’t know how to get around it.

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      1. No, you can stop one person! I can try and talk you through it, but it’s in settings! You can choose to block their comments completely, or have them go through moderation 🙂

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      2. I think that is definitely the way to go! I don’t want to moderate every last comment – for starters I’ll probably forget to (though as we’re all admins we can all moderate posts), and I don’t like what feels like a heavy-handed approach anyway.

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      3. If I’m an admin, I can see if I can do it if you want? Or try and talk you through it?
        Either way, in settings on the Coalition page, you go to discussions. There’s comment moderation comments, and then below that, there’s a section where you can put in someone’s WP link address, so their comments are moderated every time (below that is a blacklist box, where comments go straight to spam).

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  2. I followed the conversation in real time & I think you did everything short of putting a history book in front of the person, taking them through every moment in history step-by-step, & injecting them with some sort of empathy serum.

    Unfortunately, I think that the opinions he/she expressed are WAY too common – he/she sees every neutral or positive mention of Muslims as an attack on Christianity. But, the truth is the fear & hate-mongering plays directly into people’s instinctual fears of “others,” & our world leaders are using it to their advantage (#notallpoliticians, of course). It makes people feel bolder about expressing these opinions.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong w/moderating the comments. It just means that we’ll have to trust you to allow dissenting opinions through. If you’re feeling unsure about this decision, I would definitely take up Carla’s offer to help walk you through blocking/moderating the comments of the offending person.

    BTW, I think you handled the situation with diplomacy, steadfastness, & a calm that is enviable.

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    1. It’s totally your call. Personally, I’m pleased that it gives us an opportunity to mock said poster. But, if the person gets on your nerves again, you have every right to say “OK, I gave you a second chance & you didn’t deserve it.”

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