‘It is Sad But…’

You kind of know that when whenever anyone starts a sentence with expressions like ‘it’s sad but…’ or ‘I’m sorry but…’, they’re not actually sorry and not actually sad about what they’re about to say. Case in point, the article I’m about to discuss.

I’ve actually had more than one discussion with this individual before, and every time I tell myself I won’t do so anymore, I find myself reading something that I have to respond to. Why? Because there are certain things that need to be challenged, even if you know you’re likely to be hitting a brick wall.

Religious fundamentalists are nigh-on impossible to reason with, because they are utterly convinced by their own righteousness, to the point where they will denounce anyone who does not follow their faith in exactly the same fashion they do. It can make arguing with them futile, but nevertheless, I have felt compelled to try, more than once.

This time, the site’s author (referred to as TA), has made a few comments about women’s rights and behaviour. 

#1. That Women Are Treated So Badly BUThttp://blogs.christianpost.com/god-reports/pakistan-brother-says-hes-proud-of-honor-killing-of-sister-a-prominent-model-27893/

The brother of Pakistani model and social media star, Qandeel Baloch, says he’s proud he killed his sister, because he was embarrassed by her social media posts and “girls are born to stay home.”

Women deserve justice and to be treated fairly. Because they break the rules it should not mean they are to be subject to the ultimate punishment. Lesser more just disciplinary measures work a lot better and give the person a chance to repent of their infractions and bad attitudes.

We are also sad because many women may not like the rules and then decide to put themselves in harm’s way by deciding to take the wrong action against those rules. Rules are in place for a reason and women you should not expect to have nothing happen to you when you break them. We do not agree with honor killings but we also do not agree with disobedient women who think they know better than anyone else and act accordingly.

If you’ve seen this story in the news, Qandeel Baloch was defying social conventions in a country that is in conflict over how far to apply cultural and religious values in a changing society. Misogyny in the Western world can lead to discrimination against women and the suppress of their rights (and yes, it can get women killed). In countries like Pakistan, the chances of violence are higher. In this case, it cost Qandeel her life, at the hands of her own brother.

TA here is advocating that women should ‘obey the rules’. If those rules deny women a voice in society, because ‘religion’, should they obey them? My view is no. If the rules that are in place are unfair, they should be challenged, and it doesn’t matter what the origins of these rules are.



4 thoughts on “‘It is Sad But…’

  1. I don’t know how you find the strength, but please don’t stop challenging idiotic opinions like this one. The fact that people still believe that women – rarely are these articles focused on what men are told to do – must follow the rules of books written thousands of years ago is mind-boggling. So much has changed that it no longer makes sense to follow books that promote burning animals to “provide a pleasing odor to the Lord.” * shaking my head *

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      1. Hah! I know what you mean. I’m an Aries, which, if you believe in astrology, means I’m stubborn, blunt, & VERY vocal about my opinions. In those ways, it’s an accurate description. 😉

        But I can’t deal with people whose minds I know I can’t change. I’ve resigned myself, in a lot of ways, to admit that some people are so indoctrinated into whatever belief system they hold that I can’t even get them to put themselves into another person’s shoes for a split second. It’s a sad way to live, really. 😦

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