Time for something Different

I’ve attempted and experimented over the past few months with art. Here are the results. I might draw some more for reactions and so forth. I figured after the doom and gloom lately, I might at least get a laugh!

5 thoughts on “Time for something Different

      1. I think the meerkats are wonderful… is that Timon wielding a light saber? (The pictures appear a little faint, so it’s hard to tell the details.) I like that one a lot! But I understand, you don’t want to be a “one hit” artist. You can find inspiration everywhere… what do you love most? You could do a series of meerkats doing your favorite activities, or you could steer away from the meerkat theme & just draw elements of your favorite activities/TV shows/books/movies/etc.

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      2. Yeah, Timon is holding a lightsaber – he is both Jedi and Sith! I might dabble with other things – though the meerkat is an essential part of my main site 🙂 I did try using my tablet to draw… that was… odd.

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      3. I like that one best then… that’s a great combo!! There is inspiration everywhere. You could try drawing people (which is incredibly hard), flowers, band logos, football jerseys, TV/movie cartoon characters… there’s loads of stuff you can draw!

        I find drawing to be difficult enough on its own. Add in electronics & it doesn’t help the process. But, then again, I’m a purist who likes hand-writing out blog posts before I take the to Microsoft to edit. 😉

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