‘Feminism is Cancer’

I took aim at an anti-equality site yesterday (because that’s really what being anti-feminism is) and I do so again today. This time the site is called ‘Feminism is Cancer‘. The site’s author (FIC, as I don’t know how else to address them) actually posted a comment on my previous article, and I made a few comments on a couple of his. Curiously (or perhaps not so curiously) my comments, and his replies to them, were deleted. Unfortunately I didn’t copy them down – a lesson learned there.

I ought to mention here that, regardless of how much I disagree with the stuff FIC has written, he has been prepared to put it out there.

So what does FIC have to say for himself?

When women stood up for the right to work and vote it had a meaning, what came after it has been disastrous.

The 1960’s was when “modern” feminism was born and all it has left in its path has been ruin and destruction.  First order of chaos?  The 50% divorce rate – and yeah, feminism is directly responsible for it.  Men are biologically wired to be attracted to feminine women (women that act like ladies).  Women are biologically wired to want masculine men.

FIC brought up the divorce rate idea both when he commented on this blog and when I was commenting on his. Needless to say, there are problems with this overly simplistic analysis. He doesn’t provide any proof, beyond ‘feminism!’ When pressed to proof a causal link between feminism and divorce rates, he not only fell silent but it was at that point the comment chain got deleted, and even if we assume he has a point, does it mean what he thinks it means?

If there’s a link between the growth of the feminism movement and divorce rates, why would such a link exist? Is it even remotely as simple as ‘feminism makes women reject men?’ Of course not – in fact that argument is complete rubbish. Instead what we may be looking at is the rejection of marriages that were in some way abusive, with women coming to realise the supposedly acceptable behaviour of their husbands wasn’t in fact, the least bit reasonable. The rejection of pre-determined roles in a marriage might also have been a factor. Finally, there may well be any number of social factors driving divorce rates that feminism has no or little influence on. FIC is making unsupported statements.

We’re also ‘hard-wired’ to be attracted to certain traits. The thing is, we’re not. We’re individuals with rich and varied tastes and ideas and we are all therefore attracted to different qualities. There may be a base truth to the idea that we’re all attracted to certain qualities, but this superficial and not the defining aspect of our relationships with the opposite sex.

Furthermore, this idea traps us into certain pre-defined roles. It traps both men and women into a system that becomes hard to challenge, no matter the harm it causes.

Since the 60’s media has feminized men and masculinized women.  Women, more importantly “feminists” don’t even know this.  They preach, but most are single and miserable for this very reason – their insides tell them they want a real man, but their belief system has them thinking they want a feminized beta male that doesn’t know how to check the oil in his car and spends more time in front of a mirror than she does.

Feminism has done no such thing. It has been – and still is – about equality. It is about freedom of choice and opportunity. It breaks down tired old definitions of what a ‘real man’ and ‘real woman’ really are. It doesn’t fall prey to the idea that we are defined purely by our genders, and must somehow live our lives accordingly.

Men are just as confused, they watch a modern bullshit rom-com produced and directed by a clueless liberal beta male and think that’s how they’re supposed to get the girl, by being more of a woman than she is.  Over pursuing, treating her like a celebrity, showering her with compliments, stalking, treating dates like wedding anniversaries – and then they get angry when she picks the “bad boy” or “the asshole” instead because he’s the masculine one.  The movies always leave that part out and if they do include it, he’s a wife beater, druggie or some other demon.

Oh no, men and women are opening up and being more individual in how they court each other! Men are not assuming every woman wants the same thing – they’re starting to see women as people, and women are no longer enamoured by the gruff, strong-yet-silent stereotype that harms  the image of men as much as it helps (if it helps at all). There are men who are less afraid of their emotions, and women who appreciate that.

So what has this led to in 2016?  Men and women that don’t understand each other, short term fabricated relationships based on looks alone that lead to failure, 50-60% divorce, n0body having kids anymore, 25+ year old millennial virgins that have less sex than their parents that live in said parents basement strapped with 75K in debt for a fake feminist directed degree that has no use.

Blah blah blah. Baseless claims, brought on by a backlash against a misunderstanding of what feminism is.

I know what you’re thinking – how in the hell are feminists responsible for the current college and university mess?  Well, in the 60’s all of those hippies behind feminism couldn’t get regular jobs so they became teachers.  Back when they went to school, taught by the greatest generation, even if it was for an art degree, you’d come out with legit skills – not anymore.

Not only have they systematically destroyed the education system, if you drop down to public school they are also fucking their students on an almost epidemic basis.  Why?  Because the 14 year old boy still runs on biological instinct, he hasn’t been brainwashed by feminism which pushes women away – what they do attracts women.

More baseless claims.

There’s more from this site:

Not just online dating, but dating and relationships in general – but in this case I focus on the digital realm because just like everything else, feminism has destroyed it too.

Its actually the nuclear wasteland of modern feminism.

Millions of men and women that have been pitted against each other by 30-40 years of feminism, and don’t even know the first thing about understanding each other – sending messages back and forth through online meat markets nationwide.

Since feminism has told women to not chase men on their values, accomplishments and merit – it’s become purely a picture and physical attraction game.

This is why the 5’2″ smurf chick demands a guy no shorter than 5’10”, but smurf hasn’t thought about her potential son being blessed with her short gene and being shunned all the same, it’s all about her!  I say potential son in the odd case she gets knocked up and keeps it – her “career” of scheduling meetings is far too important to disrupt by having a child.

Erm, hang on, in his earlier post FIC was saying that women secretly want a masculine, manly man, and feminism is undermining this. Now he’s saying it’s all about physical attraction and not about who the man really is.

The dismissal of women who actually want to have a life beyond being a parent just underscores the total misunderstanding FIC has of feminism and women in general

(He posts a picture now of a woman performing oral sex on a man, with the tagline ‘how it used to be’. I won’t reproduce that picture here, but this speaks volumes to the objectification of women FIC actually desires)

Men can’t get by on looks alone either!  Nope, that first message you send her better be Hunter S Thompson quality or you can fuck off!

Ok, ok – so you’re a good looking guy that has the ability to intrigue with words – good.  Now you can get dates, but you aren’t out of the woods yet.  Online date sites are filled with angry, clueless and miserable feminists that ultimately hate men and they “don’t even know why” they signed up.  As I posted before, their insides crave masculinity, but their belief system has an agenda here.

Women, no matter how hard they try are still extremely emotional beings that will cry if it rains out or the wind blows the wrong way, so many delete their accounts when a guy stops responding or doesn’t call her again after one date – too much to handle!  But the hundreds of messages, likes and winks from others can keep most going by inflating their ego, as well as their standards in the process.

It’s a good thing that we can’t get by purely on looks! It’s a good thing that we should be expected to demonstrate we can hold intelligent and meaningful conversations with someone we might be looking to share our lives with! Men will send unsolicited dick pics to women on dating sites, Facebook and Twitter, and then wonder why their bravado is not rewarded. Guess what? Women value men who can use words that are more than two syllables long.

His final paragraph suggests to me FIC is blowing hot air. I can only wonder as to what role his own experiences with women have led him to reach his conclusions.

Taken from the comments section of this post:

Women are not leaders – they fail and cause a huge mess when handed control. Look at Germany or beta males that “lead” other western countries. Too emotional and easily swayed. ALPHA MEN need to stand up and re-take control – you are seeing this right now with Trump. Last stop to bring back order and control to this feminist madness.

Since Germany is actually one of the best-performing economies in Europe right now, I have to wonder by what definition FIC is judging the success of a nation. FICs support from Trump… well, that says it all.


14 thoughts on “‘Feminism is Cancer’

  1. Ha ha ha my favourite part is where he’s like, ‘Everyone’s having less sex and there’s 25 year old virgins’.
    Kind of explains what he’s pissed about. He’s either a virgin and blaming women for it, or no one’s having sex with him, and he’s still blaming women for it.
    He’s like a less violent Eliot Rodgers – blaming everyone else instead of looking at himself as to why no one wants to be with him.
    I think the answer is in his writing.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I read this whole thing and I am very intrigued. Are you certain that FIC is a man? I understand why we would think that, but read this as if it is a Woman. Makes it more interesting. I am not sure if I just overlooked it, but I didn’t see anything identifying the gender of the person writing.
    This post is crazy. And whereas, I can see the point in some of the things….I certainly do not think that feminism is to blame for all the wrong in marriage. And if it is, well then count me guilty 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ll admit it’s an assumption that FIC is a man, but it’s based on their writing. He’s taken his version of feminism (and his concepts of masculinity and feminity) and argued from there, instead of attempting to understand what feminism actually is.

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  3. i think this gives him away, “Women are biologically wired to want masculine men … 25+ year old millennial virgins that have less sex than their parents … Since feminism has told women to not chase men on their values, accomplishments and merit – it’s become purely a picture and physical attraction game.” must be some puny thing that has not had much luck with women, and thinks it’s stature rather than charisma and sensitivity women want. but what is really intriguing is his comment, “Women are not leaders – they fail and cause a huge mess when handed control.” this is not just bigotry, it’s sheer ignorance. is this fellow following current trends in politics? has he been following events in Germany? doesn’t he see a pattern – how women have come in in various countries and cleaned up the mess men left behind? how can a man not appreciate the leadership qualities of women like Golda Meir, Isabel Martinez de Peron, Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff, Nicola Sturgeon, Park Geun Hye, Johanna Sigurdardottir, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Sonia Gandhi or Benazir Bhutto? is he watching the fallout of Brexit, and the political nous of Theresa May? does he appreciate a man like Donald Trump? somehow i feel this has nothing to do with feminism but a deep personal grudge against women who have put him down for his bigoted views and sorry approach to women.

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    1. I’m with Sharon! That person is somehow so emotionally/intellectually depraved that they actually believe this stuff. So sad, and so dangerous. Really what people like this are is afraid, and totally identified with their mind and what they know. The unknown scares them. At the same time, they know certain things to be true (like the fact that all men have “feminine” qualities, and the man that wrote this certainly does buried deep somewhere) and for whatever reason this causes them to feel shame and so they go into denial and attack people that remind them of that trait.

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  4. Much like Trump, FiC has nothing but assumptions & hot air. He/she offers no explanation or facts because there are none.

    While it’s true that we can’t identify whether or not FiC identifies as male or female, there are some indications FiC might be male. First, (I read this in an article a while ago; I don’t know that I could find it or even think of the author’s name at this point) females tend to use more pronouns in their writing. Second, the references to “beta males” & the (wildly inaccurate) assumption that women all want “masculine men” are plays straight out of the MRA playbook. MRAs are typically male; however, there are some female members who have swallowed their poisoned Kool-aid. Still, that mindset typically helps men over women (especially since they don’t have to do any work to question how they act, how they treat people, & how society is telling them to be “men”).

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  5. I can’t imagine that people like FIC still exist……and yet, the truth is that I’ve met several of them over my lifetime of being associated with Conservative Christians. Boy am I ever glad I’m a Liberal Christian. As for the divorce rate – seriously, blaming feminists? How about putting the blame where it belongs – on the breakdown of the marriage itself. My guess would be that women aren’t putting up with as much BS as they were before they were encouraged to support themselves.

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    1. I don’t want to believe they exist either, but the proof is so overwhelming it’s kinda hard to not believe. Maybe they’re simply more vocal than the level-headed people, but it seems like they’re everywhereeee.


    2. His use of a graphic image sums up his attitude toward women – and with women not prepared to be treated as objects and expecting to be treated like human beings… as you say, women aren’t tolerating such behaviour, and indeed, why should they?

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