To Forum or not to Forum

I’ve been pondering whether or not to start up a forum for the Coalition. There’s a danger with the comments on a site that they can get buried as new posts are made. A forum might also serve as a means for the site’s followers to add their voices to the discussions more easily.

I open this up to the floor.



6 thoughts on “To Forum or not to Forum

  1. I am not certain. I can barely manage to read important posts on the state of things right now. My empathy is getting to me in a major way. Add a forum and comments to that and I am worried it will keep me and others so tired of things at this moment away even longer.


  2. Hi, GoodGravey here. I was introduced to the page by Carla. Although I’ve just joined, the idea of a forum is something I had been thinking about for a long time. It’s difficult.

    There are huge benefits to a forum. People share ideas. They support each other. They offer hope. It can be enormously beneficial. But it can also turn to crap very easily. A wrong word said here, a perceived lack of action by moderators there. I’ve seen amazing groups implode under the weight of opinion.

    Personally, as a new follower, I think following conversation threads on each blog post is enough.

    PS: Thanks for having me.

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  3. I’m not entirely sure what you mean as a forum … could you please explain further?? Sorry, I’m just not exactly sure how you mean to set it up on WP, that’s all!
    I like the idea.
    And I do get what you mean! Like, I know I’ve missed out on important discussions you’ve brought up in later posts, and I’ve found that disappointing (because I’m only notified by my post comments or replies to comments).
    I like the idea of having a more discussion-based process. I feel like we could really bounce off of each other, you know?

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    1. Basically, it would be something your average Web discussion board. It might allow people who follow the main site (but who can’t or won’t comment) to participate more. It would definitely need constant moderation to make sure no one abuses any of the rules, so we’d need to develop a consensus as to what the rules are.


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