Rae’s Rules to Remember #45: Gender Equality

A lot of times when I tell people that I am a feminist they say, “Feminism isn’t needed anymore” or “What legal rights do I have that you don’t?” The fact is that women do have the same legal rights for the most part. Yes, we can vote and drive and such. However, there’s still the issue of equal pay among a few other things which people refuse to even acknowledge.

This includes treatment. Women are not always treated with the same respect as men. Just as racial minorities, the LGBTQIA community, people with disabilities, from low socioeconomic classes, and those that practice religions other than Christianity, etc. aren’t always treated the same as those in the majority. Obviously, I’m not saying that they are never treated equally, but it does happen.

How many men can say that they have been catcalled while walking down the street? Called a bitch for speaking their mind? Had their ass grabbed by a stranger because they were simply walking across a room? Or been told so many times that they shouldn’t walk alone at night that they are literally afraid to do so?

Yes, all of these things can happen to men (and they do) but less often. And no I’m not saying that all men do those things, because I know that they don’t. But that’s not the point.

The point is that all of those things are a part of the reason why feminism is still needed, because in case you didn’t know: feminism is about gender equality.

Here’s the thing. When the movement started it was for women to break away from typical gender roles and achieve equal rights. At that time the goal was to level the playing field for women. Now it’s about making sure that the playing field is equal for all genders. Yes, all, because gender is a spectrum not a binary.

It’s not fair that men aren’t believed when they come forward about being sexually abused. Or that transgender men and women are being murdered just for being trans. Just the same as its not acceptable when women are harassed for walking down a street. Or that gender non-conformity is often completely dismissed because some people can’t wrap their heads around it.

At the end of the day, people shouldn’t be judged, tormented, harassed, or killed for who they are.

And that is (only a part of the reason) why we still need feminism.


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