The Rules

As our community grows, and as people from different backgrounds join us, it’s inevitable there will be conflicts. We will never been 100% harmonious. We are all human beings and therefore we are all subject to the same flaws and prone to the same mistakes. That doesn’t mean that when mistakes happen they divide us – instead, we need to work through them.

So, I’ve drafted some rules, which can be found here: if anyone has any further rules they want to add, feel free to do so.


7 thoughts on “The Rules

  1. Hey! I was thinking we could set out clearly who the admins are. I know there’s the About Us section, but we’ve grown since then, and I’m not sure if we’re the only admins, or if others are, or if some are contributors and some are admins?? What are your thoughts?

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    1. At the moment I think anyone who can post articles to the site is listed as an admin. If anyone would rather not be an admin but be a contributor, that’s fine – if they let one of us know we can change the settings accordingly.

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  2. I have a concept- but it doesn’t quite classify as a rule. Maybe there could be a section for rules and another for goals? One of the biggest issues I see in the blog/internet world is people taking a different opinion as a personal attack. I find that in most cases if one waits a little bit before answering what may seem like an attack, it’ll probably seem less and less like an attack.

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