We Hunted the Mammoth

It’s good to be in a group. Looking around, you realise you’re not alone and this can make things feel better before anyone says a word. There is strength in numbers. When you discover a natural ally, you can feel a little more faith in humanity than you felt yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, it was yesterday that I stumbled upon two sites – mattforney.com and Return of Kings – that represent everything the Coalition stands against. It was yesterday that I learned of the existence of yet another site – one committed to opposing Return of Kings – We Hunted the Mammoth.


(the meerkat and the mammoth meet – yes, I know, it looks scary)

I’m already loving this site. It’s something to aspire to – something the Coalition can get behind and support. I’m putting a link to the site up both here and on my own site.

3 thoughts on “We Hunted the Mammoth

  1. I’ve read We Hunted The Mammoth on & off for a little over a year now. Sometimes, I have to take a break because – even though they take down misogynistic a**holes – it takes a bit of a toll on me reading what some men (& some women) think makes me the idealism I have inside die a little bit. &, as I’m already a cynic, I have very little idealism left alive.

    Still… it’s a brilliant site & I love the author very much for all his hard work.

    Also, off-topic, your mammoth is brilliant! It looks like Snuffalupagus from Sesame Street! It brought up wonderful childhood memories. 😀

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