Dismantling Kings (and Forney)

In my previous post I had a look over a post of Matt Forney’s. Just that one singular post was enough to expose a tremendous degree of hatred toward women – and his anger grew as he wrote that post. Today I am delving back into this particular hole. The first post I look at is a post Forney made over on Return of Kings – a site devoted to advocating all sorts of discrimatory practices.

http://www.returnofkings.com/91951/why-you-should-shun-girls-who-support-abortion is the page.

Let’s get started.

When it comes to the abortion issue, there’s enough squid ink being squirted in our faces on a daily basis to blind an elephant. I’m politically agnostic on abortion and always have been: if it were banned tomorrow, I wouldn’t lift a finger in either opposition or support. However, I’ve decided in the past year that I will not date any girl who supports abortion, whether she’s a wishy-washy “pro-choice” type or she actively brags about killing her own children.

My argument for shunning girls who are pro-abortion is based in self-preservation. Regardless of her other (apparent) qualities, if a girl is in favor of abortion, there is evil dwelling in her soul. If you let her into your life, she will do her best to ruin you and bring you down to her level. Here’s why…

There is already evidence of massive hypocrisy here. Forney himself claims to be ‘agnostic’ on the issue. He tries to make it sound that he doesn’t care – but when the choice rests with the person it will impact most – suddenly he becomes judgmental.

I’ve discussed abortion before. It is a deeply emotive topic, and one that can be incredibly divisive. For my part, I believe in the fundamental right of the woman to have control over her own body. It is the woman who undergoes physical changes and stresses. It is the woman who undergoes psychological changes. It is the woman who will face the pain of childbirth. It is usually the woman whose life will be forever altered by becoming a parent, since it is usually the woman who is expected to give up on her aspirations and dreams. Yet for some reason, it is usually men who will argue tooth and nail that women do not have the right to decide.

Despite what the leftist media tells us, moral beliefs and personality traits don’t exist in a vacuum: they bleed out into other aspects of your persona. There’s no such thing as a “hooker with a heart of gold”: a girl who behaves abhorrently in one portion of her life is likely to be an abhorrent person in general. I call this “Degeneracy Magnetism,” where people indulge in multiple, seemingly unrelated forms of deviance at the same time.

For example, overweight and obese girls have more sexual partners on average than girls who are in shape, because the same lack of impulse control that leads them to stuff their faces with food also leads them to hoover up cocks left and right. Similarly, homosexuals and bisexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to be mentally ill: their malfunctioning sexual impulses lead to their entire personalities being dysfunctional.

Blah blah blah. Misconstrued social commentary that misses the mark. Homophobia noted. Body-shaming noted. Absolution of anyone else’s behaviour noted.

Along the same lines, girls who get tattoos, piercings or dye their hair unnatural colors are harming their own bodies, the very essence of their material existence. They’re on the same spectrum as emo kids who cut themselves. A girl who has such little regard for her body that she’ll stick painful metal objects in her most sensitive areas for fun will have an equal lack of regard for her boyfriend/husband, family or friends.

I’d be very curious to know if Forney objects to men getting tattoos, piercing or dying their hair. His complete misreading of people is shocking.

How does abortion fit into all this? Simple: aborting your own child is an act of self-mortification one step below suicide. A baby consists of half of its mother’s genetic material and is the result of sexual intercourse, an act whose very purpose is to create new life. If a girl is so revolted by a lifeform that is genetically 50 percent her that she’ll go to Planned Parenthood to get it flushed out, she will treat everyone else in her life with the same level of cruelty.

Sex is not solely for creating life. It is an expression of love between two adults. It is an enjoyable activity for two (or more) consenting adults who are looking for some fun. The stigma placed upon sex (particularly sexual activity from women that is similar to what men are encouraged to do) is what creates a lack of awareness of contraception and a failure to education people properly. This kind of prudish conservatism is far more damaging (and creates a situation where abortions are more likely) because it preaches ignorance.

You don’t even have to take the view that life begins at conception to realize what’s wrong with girls who abort their own offspring. Sex’s central function is to propagate the human race: anything else good that results from it, from orgasms to marital bonding, is secondary. When you sleep with someone else, you are consenting to the creation of a new life, whether you realize it or not and whether conception actually occurs. If you’re repulsed by the natural byproduct of that union, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

More of the above.

The reason why female pro-life activists tend to be more attractive than pro-abortion ones is because a girl’s stance on the issue is one of the many things that reflects her soul and personality. Similarly, the reason why lesbians—who don’t have to worry about pregnancy by definition—are some of the loudest supporters of abortion is because they’re twisted human beings. I found all this out the hard way.

Baseless, vapid claims.

There’s a long story about a previous relationship of his, which I can only imagine is something Forney is using to justify his blanket assumptions.

We fast forward a little to a very interesting paragraph:

Leftists have pushed the “pro-choice” narrative to obscure the reality of abortion and the girls who indulge in it. We’re lead to believe that girls only get abortions after being violently raped by their own fathers, when the reality is that the average Planned Parenthood client is a slut who gets baby after baby sucked out of her uterus because putting on a condom is just too much effort. For example, in his book Black Passenger Yellow Cabs, Stefhen Bryan discusses how Japanese girls use abortion as their primary method of contraception, because they’re afraid of losing “face” by buying condoms or birth control pills.

More conservative, reactionary right rubbish. Emphasis mine. The stigmas and double-standards over sex that are pushed by the conservative right are precisely why people do not have access to contraception. The assumption that men are absolved of any responsibility when it comes to safe sex hurts womens’ rights the world over. The social shame of being a woman buying contraceptives (because society has conditioned us to think that a woman desiring sex is somehow wrong and dirty, whilst men have free reign) has created these circumstances. I wonder if Forney and his ilk can appreciate the irony – or if they will even understand it.

3 thoughts on “Dismantling Kings (and Forney)

  1. Very interesting that women have “baby after baby sucked out of them because putting a condom on is just too much trouble…” because so many women put on condoms, right?

    Also, the majority of women seeking abortions at Planned Parenthood are mothers. So they’re sluts… for their husbands. But I’m sure that these idiots would claim she was probably aborting her “lover’s baby to avoid detection from her husband,” or some such self-serving nonsense that has no basis in reality.

    Also, you may/may not have noticed that one of his “sources” about mental illness and homo/bisexuality was FOX News. Not exactly an unbiased or reliable source. *rolls eyes*

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    1. Kings and their ilk want to absolve men of any responsibility in the baby-making process – even though ironically Forney describes sex as being purely for that purpose. I don’t know how far down this hole I should delve – it’s already suffocating me with it’s idiocy.

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