Do All Lives Matter?

Disclaimer: While I am specifically making a claim on the Black Lives Matter movement. please note that world is so much more than black and white. Unfortunately, so many underrepresented and minoritized groups are often ignored as if they don’t exist. But, that is a discussion to have at another time.

Do all lives matter?

Do they?

I mean, do they really?

Because if they did, people wouldn’t respond to Black Lives Matter with Blue Lives Matter. Don’t get me wrong, they most certainly do. The lives of law enforcement officers do matter. But they haven’t been told since the beginning of time that they don’t. They weren’t systematically treated less than human for centuries.

Many people are under the impression that if you support Black Lives Matter then you can’t support law enforcement. That’s a lie. There’s no reason that you can’t support both. Except for the false and ridiculous assumption that you have to pick sides. I actually wrote a post on that very assumption which you can read here. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t condone the loss of an innocent life because of the color of their skin or the uniform they wear.

However, you can’t deny that police brutality Is a problem. Whenever someone who supports Black Lives Matter brings up this topic, someone who supports Blue Lives Matter or All Lives Matter tries to combat it by bringing up black on black crime. The problem is, black on black crime is no different from white on white crime (which no one ever talks about). Not to mention the fact that 1. Civilians don’t take an oath to serve and protect and 2. Most of the people that are killed by police officers are in fact white.

So, do all lives matter?

Because people are still saying All Lives Matter in response to Black Lives Matter and refusing to acknowledge that police brutality is an issue.

The thing is, if you believe that ALL lives matter then that has to include black lives.


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