Denial of a Problem will not solve the Problem

As the US election draws ever closer, the rhetoric grows in intensity. I continue to read some frankly baffling posts that speak of the Republicans and Donald Trump as ‘lefties’, in what I can only assume is a desire from those who regard themselves as right-wing to distance themselves from Trump and his supporters. Whilst I can certainly understand that desire, it denies the root of the problem, which in turn will not solve it. Trump isn’t left-wing – not even close. He is firmly in on the side of the political right – how else would he have garnered so much support from so many GOP party members? The simple truth is, his nomination is a product of a party that lost of the centre ground a long time ago, and has lurched further and further to the right, in a bid to stay in touch with what it believes are its members core values.

Is Trump a traditional conservative? I wouldn’t say so. He has though, tapped into what conservatives want in respect of immigration, action against IS, and abortion, to name but three issues. Is Trump consistent? No, but right now he is playing the role that diehard Republicans want him to be, which is why he has mustered so much support, and why he is running against Hilary, rather than anyone else.


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