Terence Crutcher

Once again an unarmed black man has been shot and killed by a police officer and that officer has been placed on paid administrative leave.

I’ve watched the videos. Both of them. He was unarmed. His hands were up. And he was surrounded by FOUR officers.

Before he was shot, they used a taser on him. The reason why is unclear as some of the officers were blocking the view. Whatever the reason, it still doesn’t explain why he was shot. He was on the ground. He was not a threat. And now he’s dead. Even after they killed him, three officers backed away slowly with their guns still pointed at him as if he were magically going to come back from the dead and attack them. Are some white people really that afraid of black men simply for the fact that they are black? That they feel that their only reasonable defense mechanism is to kill? For anyone who does feel that way, you’re a part of the problem. You’re perpetuating stereotypes simply based on how someone looks and people are being murdered for it.

So where are the #AllLIvesMatter people now huh? Because, (in case this hasn’t been figured out yet) in order for you to care about all lives that has to include Black lives. Yet there is still silence.

I was watching the videos and reading the article on the New York Times website and one of the comments was “When will black people realize that they need to do what officers ask them to do?” Really? That’s your reason for excusing murder? Should I remind everyone of Philando Castille and Charles Kinsey? Of course not, because then you’ll just come up with an excuse to justify their deaths too right?

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5 thoughts on “Terence Crutcher

  1. That this can keep happening is simply unbelievable. There’s an outcry at Colin Kaepernick and his protests reached new levels of stupidity – meanwhile unarmed black men continue to die thanks to trigger-happy cops. I just can’t wrap my head around this. It’s insanity.

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  2. I hadn’t even heard about this incident (although, I haven’t checked my FB for, like, 2 days). The fact that it happened & the fact that it’s not as “newsworthy” as it should be, raises a lot of feelings for me. 😥

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    1. Yeah….and then there was another one. I’m not sure of all the details yet cause I haven’t had the time to research but from what I saw he was a disabled man who was shot while reading a book, waiting for his son to get out of school…

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      1. I’d like to say that I’m surprised, but I can’t. I would like to hear more info when/if you get it, but I’ll try to find it myself if I can. *sighs* It’s so frustrating.


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