Rae’s Rules to Remember #55: Trans Inclusion

I feel like I shouldn’t have to write this post.

I’m confused as to why people who claim to be feminists aren’t supporting transgender men and women. I mean, I thought that it was pretty clear that gender equality wasn’t limited to cisgender people only. That’s means not only including people who identify as trans but also gender fluid, gender nonconforming etc.

Seriously, where is the confusion?

Trans people are people and they deserve to be treated as such. They should be able to use their respective bathrooms without fear. They should have affordable access to health care. They should be accepted for who they are before, during, and after their transition.

visibility infographic update 2015

I don’t know about you but I am tired of watching the news and hearing that a trans person was murdered or that a trans teen committed suicide. From what I’ve seen, trans women of color are targeted most (this is why intersectionality is important).

During my senior year of college I had the honor of meeting Geena Rocero.


She’s a transgender model from the Philippines and trans advocate. She spoke to us about the importance of inclusion and visibility and how her experiences have been shaped by the fact that she is a trans woman of color and the differences that she’s experienced in America and in the Philippines. If you want to know more about her story then you can check out her TedTalk here.

What I’m basically saying is that while everyone is entitled to think and feel however they want, you can’t be a feminist and exclude the trans community. If it’s not intersectional, it’s not feminism. So remember to support your sisters, not just your cis-ters.

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