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Feels good to write “Tranny” in the title. It`s a word I was frightened to use for years , on account of the death and rape threats that come your way as a woman daring to write online. But we need to use this word as much as possible. Do away with “transwoman”–which comes across […]

via This week in Trannyism — Cherryblossomlife

What’s wrong with this article? Two things – firstly, it’s highly exclusionary – secondly, it’s highly assumptive about transgender individuals. It paints broad, sweeping stereotypes.


3 thoughts on “This week in Trannyism — Cherryblossomlife

      1. A lot of TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) don’t see transwomen as women. They claim, like the patriarchy that they claim to fight, that these people are men regardless of their beliefs, understanding, choices about themselves. I believe (I try my hardest not to read up about these jerks) they think transmen are still women, but they think they have benefits under the patriarchy, so they’re not a fan of them either (because they don’t consider the fact that some transmen aren’t “passing” &, therefore, don’t have the benefits under the patriarchy because they’re still seen as women).

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