I Weep for the Species


I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the above. I would post material directly, but The Mirror site makes the laptop slow to a crawl, so instead, how about some of this guy’s greatest hits from Twitter?

If your bladder is too weak… which clearly it is for most of you, then see a doctor and have the same procedure.


My gorgeous Toy Poodle, castrated when she was a puppy to stop the periods and to prevent any aggression PMT would give her.


Tampons should not be free, why does everyone keep saying they should be?? if u can’t control ur bladder then that’s not taxpayers problem!


BTW, if you want to find this guy on Twitter, he’s right here.

I have to believe this guy is trolling. The alternative is that he really is that moronic. On the other hand, he identifies as a ‘meninist’, so perhaps he really is that stupid…

You see, this is why feminism exists, and why it continues to be relevant. It serves as a means to educate everyone – men and women, and men like Ryan clearly need educating.



3 thoughts on “I Weep for the Species

  1. Woooow… so many incorrect bits of info all in one place. Probably the most important being, calling for the repeal of the “tampon tax” doesn’t make tampons free. I think they should be free, but that’s not the point. It only removes the additional tax put on so-called “luxury” items.

    Tampons ≠ luxury item.

    &, yes, I think he is that stupid. He supported Brexit, in addition to being a “meninist.” Each one of those groups is stupid; being both is a reason to cry for humanity & consider moving to the moon.

    What’s worse, too many people think the way he does. It speaks volumes for our educational systems. 😥

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