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I’ve not been inclined to respond to the stuff that TA has been posting on his site lately, because it’s frankly not been worth replying to. Today, that changes, as he’s posted a few things that I feel are quite interesting, and worth exploring as a case study into what Christian fundamentalism looks like.


“In short, a man who was about to be charged with violent crimes against defenseless minors was free to roam the Penn State campus, as he pleased,” the report said. “Reviewers determined that Penn State’s University Park campus was a beehive of activity for children, yet the University failed to issue an emergency notification when senior officials knew of the forthcoming charges against Sandusky.”

The American justice system declares a man innocent until proven guilty thus telling students that a man is about to be accused and charged of potential crimes is allowing the man to be seen as guilty before h was proven so.  Christians are to stand up for justice no matter the nature of the crime and it is not just to allow anyone to be treated as guilty before they are actually proven to be guilty.

The real issue here is not the concept of innocent until proven guilty, but rather, ensuring that in cases where serious crimes are being investigated, the alleged offender cannot be given carte blanche to wander freely, especially where children are concerned. There is a duty of care here, and speaking as a parent, I would want to be aware.


Conservative Christians are speaking out against Texas Pastor Brandon Hatmaker and his wife, Jen, the stars of an HGTV reality series, for claiming that the Bible affirms gay marriage, saying the couple are “100 percent false” and leading people astray from the Gospel.

Earlier this week, Brandon Hatmaker issued a lengthy Facebook post saying that he 100 percent agrees with his wife when it comes to the belief that monogamous same-sex marriages can be considered holy.

We will add our voice to this as well. The Bible is very clear that if a man lies with another man as a man lies with a woman it is an abomination.  A man lies with a woman in a monogamous marriages thus even a similar union between same sex partners is wrong,sin and an abomination

Thankfully, the Bible is not how we derive laws that provide equality and equity in society. Don’t believe in same-sex marriage? Consider it a sin? You have the right to believe that. You don’t have the right to decide that for everyone else.

An FRC blog said that Walsh is still being asked to provide his credentials as minister; proof that he has served with the Seventh-day Adventist denomination; all contracts he has ever had with the Church; and details on how much he has been compensated for his sermons.
We need a Christian political party that is actually Christian to set the example for the secular world to follow. Christians cannot be the light unto a dark world in the area of politics if they continue to let the deceived, blind secular world lead the way on how politics should be done. Governing others demands the involvement of God not evil.
I don’t object, in theory, to someone who is religious getting involved in politics, or even if a party is set up along these lines. What such a person (or party) needs to understand is that they cannot make laws and rules based on their beliefs, for these will inevitably trample upon the values of others. If someone does not believe in God, are they still required to live by God’s rules?
Reconciling Ministries Network, an organization advocating for the UMC to change it’s Book of Discipline to find that homosexuality is compatible with Christian doctrine and allow for non-celibate homosexuals to be ministers, released a statement Sunday saying that the Judicial Council’s decision “was expected.”
Loving God with all your heart, soul and mind does not mean one changes God’s rules simply because some people do not want to obey God’s rules.  Loving God with all your heart, soul and mind means ones gives up their sins for him. Obviously, the LGBTQ community ignore this fact as they continue to try to hold on their sin and be considered part of God’s kingdom. Love seeks not its own Paul tells us but again the LGBTQ community ignore this facet of love.
If they truly love God they would do everything they could to get rid of their sexual sins and not force the church or God to change in order to accommodate their selfishness.
TA seems to think he has a monopoly on how to interpret the Bible and Scripture. He doesn’t.
He added that those who call them “homophobic” don’t grasp their argument.
Oh the Horror! I am going to be called homophobic if I do not support the selfish, spoiled LGBTQ community and its demands.  No one is afraid of homosexuality the LGBTQ community and its supporters need to stop distorting the issue and calling people false names. They are unrepentant sinners bound for hell and they do not deserve the political and legal protection they are receiving beyond being able to work, rent and buy food. We may have missed a couple of other things but the LGBTQ des not have the right to use the courts or elected officials to bully those who disagree with them. That is more of a hate crime than refusing to bake a cake.
No TA, you’re called homophobic because you would happily discriminate against the LGBTQ community, refusing them service, because you believe a public business is somehow above the laws and regulations that the owners agreed to abide by when they started their business. You’d happily open the floodgates to arbitrary discrimination, because you don’t understand that a business is not the same as a private religious institution. You openly admit you’d strip the LGBTQ of equal rights in this case (see the bold text in his above statement). That’s the problem here – you’re equating equality with special treatment, which is complete bull.
#6.  As a reminder to those who submit comments. This is our website not yours. We have the say who gets posted not you. If you want a say then you can buy us out for $100,000 and we will turn the site over to you. Threatening us does not make us willing to capitulate to your sinful demands.  When the money is deposited into our account we will give you the website.
This is just funny. Yes, it’s TA’s site. He has the final say on comments. However, he cannot stop anyone else from commenting elsewhere. I somehow doubt his site is worth $100,000.



8 thoughts on “The Latest from Theology Archaeology

  1. “This is just funny. Yes, it’s TA’s site. He has the final say on comments. However, he cannot stop anyone else from commenting elsewhere. I somehow doubt his site is worth $100,000.”

    as usual you speak before you know anything. i do not care what others say on their sites about me, that is their privalege. I care what is said on my site and as for the 100,000 figure you just do not get it


    1. I find it hilariously ironic that you talk of speaking before knowing anything. Recall your claim that businesses could arbitrarily discriminate, a bold claim that was demonstrated to be completely false? Perhaps you should heed your own advice.

      Shall we take a look at your response post?

      [quote]As is normal for emotional crimes, people will throw out the codes that guide legal action. To obtain justice we do not throw out the codes when we feel like it or when children are involved.[/quote]

      Where exactly is the legal system being overlooked here? No one is presuming guilt, but equally, in cases where minors are concerned, we would as a society be remiss to ignore the potential dangers. If no warnings of any kind were issued, and someone else got hurt or assaulted as a result, the consequences would be tremendous.

      [QUOTE]Actually the Bible or God’s rules have been the source for almost all laws on the books. What that author is not realizing is that governments have been given the power to rule by God and they are free to impose any law thy feel like, whether homosexuals or Christians like them or not. People are also free to lobby their representatives and get laws passed– no one said those efforts were correct, just or fair. No one is going to like all the laws that are passed.[/QUOTE]

      The Bible is obviously not how we derive rules on equality, for if it was, there would be no legal protection for homosexuals, and God only knows what would happen to unbelievers. Your last sentence is deliciously ironic. You’re right, not everyone will like all laws passed. As the saying goes, it is impossible to please 100% of the people, 100% of the time. That applies equally to Christians, who do not and should not have a monopoly on the legal system or political bodies.

      [quote]The problem here is that the unbelieving world think they know better than God and can make better laws than he. They are quite wrong on this issue. They do not like a lot of God’s rules because they want to practice sin and love darkness over light. If we did not curtail sin, then the world would be far worse than it is and what unbelievers do not realize is that they very thing they are looking for is found in God and his rules. They want peace, low crime, paradise, etc., those things, as has been proven over the millennia cannot be achieved via secular rule.[/quote]

      If we went by God’s rules then children can be slaughtered on a whim, and it is morally justified for God to do so. We have had thousands of years of Biblically inspired kingdoms and rules – who believes that society back then was better than what we have now?

      Moreover, you once again display your desire to impose your standard and your interpretation upon everyone else. That is extremely arrogant, and it concerns me greatly how you don’t understand how arrogant that is.

      [quote]They always come to the interpretation argument. They do not like the truth so they try to make the bible out to be some people’s personal views. Sorry but there is one truth and we stated it in that post[/quote]

      No, there is your interpretation of one religious text. Yours is not the be-all and end-all. Who are you to tell every other Christian how they should interpret the Bible?

      [QUOTE]The distorted use of the word ‘discriminate’ also rears its head. You can’t argue with those who refuse to grant the rights and freedoms they demand to those who disagree with them.[/QUOTE]

      You’re right, arguing with those who would deny others rights is very challenging. I have to wonder why I am trying to do that with you.

      [QUOTE]No one said it was worth that amount, but if someone want a say on how the comments appear, that is what it will cost a person.[/QUOTE]

      That to me just displays your lack of confidence in your own arguments. If you are not afraid of the arguments of the unbelieving, secular world, you won’t feel the need to impose ridiculous conditions like the one you made.

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  2. [QUOTE]Actually the Bible or [G-d’s] rules have been the source for almost all laws on the books. What that author is not realizing is that governments have been given the power to rule by [G-d] and they are free to impose any law thy feel like, whether homosexuals or Christians like them or not. [/QUOTE]

    Morality wasn’t a sudden divine spark of inspiration – spreading it to the masses required such a spark, whether I believe it was invented or not I can’t say. Passing the word that these rules were beyond this world helped people to stop killing one another.

    That we base laws on these rules doesn’t mean that it’s because they’re the word of G-d. It’s because we know, religious & non-religious alike, that these behaviors are wrong. Humans are social creatures. We see the pain inflicted on our friends, lovers, brothers, sisters… we wouldn’t want that pain inflicted on us.

    If these laws were indeed based on the word of G-d, we’d still be stoning people for working on Saturday/Sunday (depending on one’s beliefs). Or posting blog posts.

    & we’d be sinners for believing to know G-d’s plans.

    Now, I don’t know where TA is living, but G-d didn’t grant my government officials the right to rule. Otherwise, Donald Trump wouldn’t have made it this far without being struck by lightning. Neither is the U.S. a Christian nation, nor did the Founding Father’s frame it as such. So, we must be open to sharing G-d’s love with people of all faiths.

    Do we struggle with it? Oh yes, indeedy-do! But, I have faith that love will win over fear.

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