Safety Pins

By now, many of you have probably seen this picture below or people posting pictures of themselves wearing safety pins.


At first, I thought that this was a great way to show solidarity and to let people know that they’re not alone.

However, if you put a safety pin on in the the morning to wear throughout the day and that is ALL you’re doing to “support” underrepresented or minoritized group then no thank you. Your fake support isn’t wanted or needed.

Yes, this is a lovely concept in the wake of the election, but at the end of the day this really doesn’t help anyone.

Also, if you’re someone who calls yourself and ally simply for the sake of making yourself feel like you’re not prejudiced…..stop. For example, if you identify a feminist but are transphobic or deny that gender nonconforming people exist then you’re not a real feminist. If you voted for Trump but wear a safety pin and can’t see the irony in that, take it off. If you can’t check your own privilege or feel uncomfortable when that word is brought up, then you definitely shouldn’t be wearing one.

Being an ally is more than an identity, it’s an action. And by action, I do not mean wearing a pin. If you really think that that is enough, then that’s a part of the problem. At the end of the day, you wearing a pin means nothing.

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4 thoughts on “Safety Pins

  1. I’m going to take it a step further. Wearing a safety pin as a sign of “I am a safe person for you to approach” is actively dangerous. It places people at risk of being killed.

    I mean do they really think that those who would kill won’t also wear a pin as a means of drawing in their victims?? And if someone is in danger, are they really going to look around trying to find a tiny pin? If you do have an “I’m safe” label, make it a big flashing bright purple sign above your head.

    If you support pin-wearing as a sign of “you can come to me I am safe” you are endangering people’s lives. That’s the thing that makes me angry about this. Great concept, lovely sentiment, but it is fundamentally flawed in its execution.

    I’ve been told “ah but if you wear it then you HAVE to help as well”. I have a problem with this too.

    1: if you are going to help, you don’t need to advertise it; and
    2: abusers understand that they don’t HAVE to do a goddamned thing.

    If you are going to help, help. If you are a safe person, be a safe person. If not, just stay out of our goddamned way while we get on with our job.

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  2. I’m part of this totally lame secret feminist group. Today I read this story about how an old white man was going off on their female neighbor (PoC) and how the husband of the woman telling the story “saw the whole thing” wtf? So the family decided to take a plate of homemade cookies over the the female neighbor’s house. After writing how disingenuous and weak that response was, I left the group. Why didn’t the husband of the “ally” go and stop the verbal assault? Why didn’t that family go to the old white dude’s house and tell him that they would call the police if he continued to say unsafe things? I do not know what planet some of these “ally” live on.

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