Why Men need Feminism 

As a fella, I will state right off the bat that I am pig-headed and stubborn, and nowhere does this manifest itself more than in matters concerning my health. I am probably not alone in this. It takes a serious injury or prolonged concern to get me to see my doctor. This tendency, which I believe is rooted in patriarchal thinking, can be summed up through this image:

Uh, yes guys, we will. We see it as big and brave and manly to press through illness, ignoring the warning signs our bodies give us, only it isn’t bravery, it’s stupidity. 

It’s stupidity encouraged by a false sense of what being manly is. It’s fed by the absurd notions of ‘alpha’ males that MGTOWs in particular promote. it’s a joke, but not a funny one, for it carries very real consequences. It’s a symptom of a wider problem of so-called MRAs, who don’t so much address men’s issues as blame feminism and women for men’s issues. 

Prime example: this link, and the notorious A Voice for Men site. MRAs blame feminists for why MRAs and feminists can’t work together, but to MRAs ‘equality’ is a return to the status quo of patriarchal dominance. The subtle suggestion of this article (namely that a woman’s fear of being sexually assaulted is merely a construct) is but one way in which AVFM undermines legitimate concerns of women. 

MRAs claim to be interested in helping men deal with issues that directly affect men, yet blame feminism for things like more men committing suicide, and blame feminism for things like more male workplace deaths. I don’t doubt that there are some genuine MRAs who actually want to address men’s issues, but if you do a cursory search on Twitter you’ll see how many are more interested in blaming feminism and women for their problems, instead of actually working out what their problems actually are. 

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