Ohio goes Backward

We’ve had this discussion before. Abortion is a difficult subject, an emotional subject, and one that can be hard to broach with someone else. It is also a matter of fundamental control, control over half the human race, often justified by religious arguments but also by people who are ignorant of biology. In fact, the majority of arguments against abortion that I have read recently come from people who can never understand what the true impact of pregnancy actually is (namely men).

The latest move on this subject comes from the US state of Ohio. A law has been passed banning abortions after six weeks (it’s also been referred to as the ‘heartbeat’ law). Not only is this yet another example of efforts to control women at the most basic of levels, it is also wholly ignorant of biology.

As my wife said to me, a lot of women don’t realise they’re pregnant unilaterally least eight weeks have passed, which would immediately put them outside the law in this instance. There are many reasons why a woman might need an abortion, and this law will unfairly restrict their control over their own bodies. It makes no allowance for circumstances such as rape or incest, and this bill is not alone. The state of Indiana is planning something similar, including proposals that, like Ohio, make no allowance for circumstances. In fact, in Indiana, plans are afoot to demand doctors try to save both the mother and baby (which I’m pretty sure they do anyway) in emergencies, though sometimes it is dangerous to try and save both, and a choice has to be made.

Should the Ohio bill get signed off by John Kaisch (the state governor), it will almost immediately be challenged, and so it should.


One thought on “Ohio goes Backward

  1. Chances are, given Kasich’s history, he’ll sign it. However, this exact type of bill has been overturned in other states before & declared unconstitutional. I don’t understand why states try to enact laws that other courts have determined infringe on women’s rights.

    Not only is it disgusting that this amendment thrown into a bill about child abuse (which most lawmakers would say is a good bill, making it more likely they’ll pass it than not), but it was also thrown in – possibly under the time limit – fewer than 2 hours before the vote.

    It’s also scary that anti-choice lawmakers feel so emboldened by Trump’s election that they think this law & others like it will be upheld if it goes to the Supreme Court. (This article has more opinions by pro & anti-choice organizations, in case you’re curious: http://www.cleveland.com/politics/index.ssf/2016/12/ohio_senate_republicans_pass_6.html.) 😥

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