So last night, I found out this is a thing:

Oh no! The Force Awakens and Rogue One put female characters into the hero roles, and suddenly they’re propaganda! And who cares if Like is gay? Relevance to anything, other than providing an excuse for fragile alt-righters to whinge?

What you’re really objecting to, when you send tweets like this, is equality (especially when it comes to portrayals of the female sex). God forbid that after six films with strong male leads and the infamous gold bikini scene, we might have a couple of films that don’t objectify the lead female characters, or reduce them to vehicles for the male characters. 

With the release of Rogue One there will have been eight Star Wars films, and one quarter of them will have featured lead female characters in the ‘traditional’ male. Guess what that means guys? 75% of your beloved franchise (not to mention the cartoons) will continue to be very much male-led. Is that not enough to satisfy your fragile ego?


2 thoughts on “#DumpStarWars 

  1. The most obvious answer is… no, it’s not enough for them. They (“they” here being super smart science people) have done studies that say men see even the approach of equality as being “female-dominated.” They studied conversations & people’s perceptions & found that, when women spoke around 30% of the time, men saw them as talking more than 60%.

    These people (yeah, yeah, I know, #notallmen *rolls eyes*) are used to people, movies, ads, & women (especially) catering to them. When they don’t get it, they piss & moan.

    The “Luke Skywalker might be gay” panic reminds me of when J.K. Rowling insinuated that Albus Dumbledore was gay. They can’t stand non-heterosexual (non-white, non-male) characters being the focus. It takes focus away from them. & they’re whiny lil babies who can’t share attention.

    Also, I saw this the other day. I thought you might be interested. http://distractify.com/trending/2016/12/09/trump-supporters-are-boycotting-star-wars

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