Men’s Health 

Ok fellas, listen up. This might get gross and uncomfortable, but it needs saying. 

We suck when it comes to our health. I alluded to this in a recent post. We’re not great when it comes to getting ourselves to the doctor’s, least of all when it comes to areas we’d rather not show to the doc. Actually, I suppose this isn’t a uniquely male failing, though I do think we’re worse for it.

Recently I discovered blood during bowel movements. I can’t put it any blunter than that. You might be reading this and thinking ‘ew’. Well, it happened. No denying it. I was worried, as anyone should be. There are plenty of benign causes, but there is always that niggling fear. I didn’t want to see a doctor. Why would I want to experience an invasive procedure, even a minor one? 

Then I realised something. I realised a little bit of discomfort and embarrassment is a small price to pay for staying alive, being there for my wife and seeing my daughter grow up. As it happens, the cause of the issue is benign – I am fine. however, left unchecked, could it have developed into something more serious? Yes. So please guys (and girls too), don’t ignore your health. Your body will try to tell you when something is wrong – listen to it, catch the problem early, and you’ll be ok. 


9 thoughts on “Men’s Health 

  1. I’m so glad that you’re OK, Ben. I’m also glad that you listened to your body & went to the doctor when something was clearly off.

    You make a fantastic point here, & one that I think ties into the idea of “masculinity” that’s so toxic to men. I know far more men who refuse to go to the doctor than I know men who go when they’re sick – let alone for regular check-ups! I could be wrong, since I don’t know the mindset of a man & certainly not of all individual men, but I think it could be tied to men fearing others seeing them as “weak.”

    I’d love to hear your thoughts, though!

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      1. That makes sense too. Then again, I don’t think anyone likes to confront their own mortality, & I know no one likes to go to the doctor. It sucks, regardless of gender.

        I’m sorry if my assumption was offensive. It’s just something that I’ve seen with my friends & my father (who has lots of medical conditions, but refuses to get help unless it’s an emergency… & it has been quite a few times). I think my assumption that I could label it as affecting all men was presumptuous & faulty. For that, even if you weren’t offended, I’m sorry. I do still think it’s a factor for some men.

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  2. Glad it was no big deal; I know the mind can take you to some scary places when you see something like that. I second everything you said about getting in to see someone as soon as you suspect something is wrong; waiting or ignoring the symptom can be dangerous.

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    1. Exactly – the mind most certainly (and especially my mind it would seem!) likes to worry me with what ifs. In a way though, that fear can turned into motivation – in this case, the motivation to get checked out.

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