MGTOW Soldier

It’s rare that I get aggressive (or should I say, forceful). I prefer not to operate in such a fashion. However, some recent comments from one ‘MGTOW Soldier’ (yes, that is the handle they used) merited such a response, given not only the manner in which he conducted himself, but the sheer stupidity of his comments. The post, and the comments, can be found in their original form here, but I thought I would spare a little time to dismantle them more thoroughly (and because it will probably infuriate him).

His posts will be in pink, mine in blue, and another further comments from me will be in black.

I honestly can’t take this serious…

1. Women are more favored than men in society. This is evident in the courts.

2. Have you not seen the divorce rate in the U.S or in other feminised societies?

3. According to a article I read, if a woman has a baby she owns it not the man. It takes 2 to make a baby not 1.

4. Feminism make some stupid anti laws that you search up on your own.

All in honestly… You should do your home work before you judge something… Talk about pathetic.

Does he have any evidence? Well, no…

Are you going to provide the evidence you speak of or are you spouting hot air?

I can, but why would I waste my time and breath with some blue pill mangina that doesn’t do his own research.

I’ll say this again and again, I’m not anyone’s damn teacher nor I’m going to present facts because I have already read them. The truth is it would be a waste of time to Present them to Ignorant people like yourself that think “you know it all”.

I have nothing to lose whether I show you, but then again, I’m not going to explain myself.

I’m sick of explaining myself to people over and over again.

Do your own damn research for once.

Basically he’s a coward. He won’t provide a shred of evidence to support anything, just vague allusions. Oooh, I’m so worried about this ‘Alpha’!

So in other words you’re not prepared to back up a single one of your claims with anything other than hot air. Gotcha.

No, I have plenty of evidence! Hell! I even have a website bookmarked of evidence that has more 100 article to read on how men have been screwed over by men hating laws and the courts.

But then Again, why should I waste my time on some Ignorant with false assumptions?

Jokes on you.

If you have the evidence then you can provide it. Why should I do your work for you?

But let’s play. Going back to your first comment…

1. You think women are more favoured in society, and cite the court system as an example. In what way exactly? Custody battles? That’s a rod that MGTOWs make for their own backs. They give women defined roles, such as caregiver/mother, and preach that men should have freedom to pursue ‘masculine’ roles. You can’t advocate roles that define women as the primary child minders then complain that the legal system sees it that way too.

There’s also plenty of evidence to show that the court system protects men too. 85,000 women are on average raped every year here in the UK, get the number of convictions numbers at just 1,070. There is still a culture of blaming the victim, be it because of how they dressed, whether they were friendly, or what they had to drink. In the USA, 994 out of every 1000 perpetrators of rape walk free.

You may also want to look up the case of Brock Allen Turner, who received a paltry sentence for raping an unconscious woman. Nor is this an uncommon theme.

So perhaps you should consider exactly how the courts benefit women, and why.

2. So divorce = feminism? Have you stopped to consider why more divorces are happening, or are you just hoping to imply a causal link without providing any evidence for it?

3. Yes, it takes two to make a baby – but only one person will undergo physical and hormonal changes during the nine months that follow. According to the MGTOW narrative of how women should be, the woman will then be expected to devote herself entirely to motherhood, abandoning any other plans she might have had for her life, because ‘reasons’ (and no doubt the supposedly Alpha male will whine like mad if the court then grants custody to the mother, for very same reasons).

4. Evidence? Oh wait, that’s right, you don’t want to back up your claims.

You’re missing the bigger picture here….
1. You sucked at explaining number one. It’s referred to traditional roles. Men went out to work and women stayed to attend to the problems at home. I have nothing against them have education and freedom, however once you see them competing against men, then that’s when their attractiveness fades.

Women abandoned their traditional roles, therefore, men have abandoned their masculine roles, it’s no surprise both of the sexes even want to mate with each other anymore.

The whole rape crap is bull sh**. That just you being bias. There’s a lot of men deserts in the U.K, men deserts are areas where you hardly see any men. Also, the most interesting aspect of the whole rape thing you talk about in the U K, did you know that if a mother raises a son, there’s a high chance of the son getting out of control? That means that the son can develiope anger issues start raping, and suicide from the lack of fatherly role? This is an article I read which was super Interesting.

Women are favored because that’s how society has nailed it self. Or more precisly, feminism has nailed itself. If women accuses a man of false rape, he can still go to jail. Regardless if he did or didnt. Do your research…

3. Like I said before, The child belongs to the man as well, you act like women are the only ones capable of raising a child… If that’s your philosophy then you need help…

2. Yes, I’ve been investigating for your information. The answer is that females seek a husband with a good job, unfortunatly, that’s why many of them aren’t marrying. Women seek men with a stable job, and since there’s a lot of males leaving college, that’s where the question, “where have all good men gone? Comes in. They want a partner with a good income. Don’t dare bull **it by saying it’s not true because it IS. Women are hypergamous by nature.

By the way, you sound like a feminist.

Unlike you, MGTOW don’t kiss anyone’s a**. We do what makes us happy and opt out permently. If you have a problem with this, then you and feminism are the problem, not us.

This is my final comment to you.


Yet another load of unsupported claims. This guy has a real fear of evidence!

Oh man. You are providing wonderful comedy.

Traditional doesn’t automatically mean better. None of of what you have said disproves my point RE a rod for your own back. You want traditional roles, then you have zero right to complain if the courts favour women in custody battles. Your remark about attractiveness is a not-so-subtle form of objectifying women – you measure them by their value to you, not by who they actually are as people.

Once again you fail to provide a shred of proof. I provided links that provided it, and you continue shirking from doing so. Fascinating, but why should I take your empty claims seriously? If you have proof then place it on the table – I won’t do your work for you.

Except of course, I’ve done the research, provided the links, and shown how most rape cases don’t go even reported, because of bias against the woman. Your turn to provide proof (oh wait, you mentioned this will be your final comment to me, which I’ll take as conformation that you’re running away).

It’s your philosophy. It’s the philosophy that says men and women have defined roles and can’t move beyond them. It’s the philosophy that says women are to raise the children whilst the men go out and be ‘manly’. Once again, ‘rod for your own back’.

If you’re not going to provide proof then why should I assume anything you say is true? But even if it were, this is once again a symptom of your bullshit ‘Alpha/Beta’ crap. You think men should be masculine, bring home the bacon, earn a crust etc, and therefore support the woman and the household? If you’re going to sell that image of men, then you are yet again making a rod for your own back.

If I sound like a feminist, I’ll take that as a compliment. MGTOWs are frequently posting about women, ranting at every opportunity. Perhaps you should take your tired, out-dated and hypocritical views of the sexes and for once, not moan?

1. Traditional topic. Then let me ask you a question smart ass, why are women so miserable as they age? You should search Marc Rudov, that man will tell you the answer. So you think I judge women for being women and you think I see no value in them? Wow, you clearly been brainwashed. If I didn’t see any value in them I wouldn’t be close to my sister or mother. What I find a turn off is masculine women. When do you see men most men acting gayish and feminine? Only gays. Exactly. Hell! Even sir Tesla said the same thing. He agreed that masculine women were below him. Nikola Tesla predicted everything, he was no doubt ahead of his time.

On men deserts. Empty proof? Search up men deserts in united kingdom. I’m not going to waste my time more on this topic because I already know the answer.

More than 50℅ of marriages end in diovorce in the U.S, 80% of those divorces are initiated by women.

An article I read claims that 70% of men age 20-35 aren’t married in the U.. Hm.. I wonder why. According to the article you feminist it’s going to continue to decrease.

You should damn well take it as a compliment, because it’s the truth. But once you get hit on the balls don’t be blaming anyone but yourself.

The rape topic. I find it absurd how you only mention women getting raped, but what about males that were touched by females that probably manipulated them. Don’t forget women have raped children. You’re no doubt being bias you feminist. Jokes on you.

Traditional ist topic. There’s nothing wrong with women staying home and being traditional. But once feminism butts in and ruins it for everyone, that’s when problems arise. I dont see anything wrong with independent women, however once they start to look down on males for being male and arrogant thats when the problem arises. If you have this mentality then you need to grow up. Feminism have taught men are the enemy. I read an interesting article, on this topic which gave rise to the sexodus men. By the way, I don’t blame males for choosing to pay to have a child rather to marry, thanks to the men hating laws.

The reason I responded is because you thought I was backing down which of course I don’t back down.

Now that I know you’re a feminist and bias I’m not going converse with you anymore. As a matter of fact MGTOW don’t waste their time with feminists nor manginas. I’m done.

This is my final post to you.

MGTOW forever!

Yes, he really did sign off with ‘MGTOW forever!’.


Hang on, didn’t he say his previous post was going to be his last one?

You do judge women, every time you preach your tired old mantra about women looking after the home and not ‘competing with men’. What is a ‘masculine’ woman? A woman who goes out and gets a job and uses her brain? Is that it? Is that something you’re afraid of, given how much you don’t want women to compete with men? You are defining women by how they look too – so yes, you are reducing them to objects. Your stereotyping of gay men also exposes homophobia too – not every gay man behaves in a feminine manner, and if you actually did the research you claim to be doing, you’d know that.

Blah blah *empty claims* blah blah. Provide evidence, or I will assume you to be dishonest. Furthermore, even if you are correct about divorce rates, prove that this is all because of feminism.

Your ignorance is astounding. I provided evidence that women are more likely (far more likely) to face sexual assault than men are, and the best you can do is to say ‘men get assaulted too!’ Never claimed otherwise, but there is a vast difference in scale that you have completely ignored. Men have raped children too – funny how you don’t bring that up in your effort to demonise women. Why not just admit that you hate women?

If a woman chooses to stay at home and be a stay-at-home-mother, housekeeper, or whatever, that’s fine, but the key word is choose – something you don’t seem to understand. You obviously do have a problem with independent women, because if you didn’t you wouldn’t argue so hard for traditional, tired definitions of masculinity and femininity. Once again you spout that you’ve read an article but you don’t provide a shred of evidence – you have the power to link to these articles, yet you don’t – interesting🙂

So you admit to responding because you wanted to save face? Hahahaha, good to know🙂 It wouldn’t at all surprise me to see you reply again, with more ‘I have proof but am too lazy/scared to provide it’ MGTOW rubbish. But if this your final post, I hope you enjoyed this ass-kicking you received🙂

He signed off (having twice now replied despite his ‘final comment’ remarks) with this ‘cutting’ statement:

Whatever you say mangina. I’m over it.

Oooh, such scary and powerful arguments!

LOL, of course you are (your ass, well and truly kicked, lol).

Will he be back? Who knows, but his final comment used the handle ‘Waifuist’, albeit the same email. He has a (more or less defunct) website, (copy and paste it into your browser, I’m not granting him referrals). I hope you were as entertained reading that as I was in taking part!

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