MGTOW Soldier P2

I had believed that my little ‘discussion’ with the so-called MGTOW Soldier (who has since started going by the name ‘Waifuist’) had reached a conclusion, though I did wonder if he might be back. Well, no sooner had I posted P1 of our conversation than he piped up again. Apparently, despite having sent me his ‘final comment’ more than once (does he know what ‘final’ means?), he has more to say. As before, his posts are in pink, my replies are in blue, and comments are in black.


if I choose not talk to your stupid ass it’s because you’re down right retarded.

Evidence: you think men don’t get screwed over by females and that they are “perfect” and they can’t commit crimes

Not to mention bias bullshit and false assumptions of MGTOW. Keep dreaming, MGTOW is not going anywhere for your information. You might as well whine like a baby. Oh, right, you are already whining.

You need to grow a pair.

There is a lot of irony in this post. So much in fact, that it’s dripping in the stuff. Sadly, I don’t think Waifuist gets what irony is.

The fact that he keeps coming back, despite apparently being ‘over it’ in our previous discussion, just goes to show that he isn’t. He’s desperate to validate himself, and to assert his dominance (me big, chest-thumping Alpha, rawr!), that he has to have the last word.

At no point have I ever claimed that men don’t get mistreated by women. This happens. Does it happen as often as women getting mistreated by men? I doubt it, but Waifuist doesn’t want to acknowledge this as it doesn’t fit into the MGTOW narrative.

So now you’re ablest as well (as you probably don’t know what that means, I’ll educate you, again). No one chooses a condition that leaves them ‘retarded’, so your use of the term as a slur reveals much about you. We can add that to your homophobia and your sexism. I wonder what else we’ll end up adding to the list…

Oh yeah, cowardice. You have a serious fear of evidence yet tell me to ‘grow a pair’. LOL. You first. When you provide proof of your claims, I’ll listen, but we both know that won’t happen😉

As mentioned above, Waifuist has demonstrated himself to be albest, as well as sexist, and he’s already demonstrated latent homophobia. He’s not distinguishing himself is he? Next, he tries to deny his sexism and homophobia.

 The more you talk… You stupider you are. Homophobia? Sexism? Are are autistic or something? I just said in my previous comments that I am close to the females in my life. Sexist? Idiot! Don’t act like you’re not sexist with your bias bull.

Very well you want proof? OK.

Do whatever you want with this proof, there’s a lot of articles.

I didn’t plan on showing to you. Have fun with the evidence.

Another ablest remark. And yes, you are homophobic. You seek to define gays as having specific, feminine characteristics, and since you view these characteristics in a negative light, you are being homophobic. You’d freak out at a gay man displaying more physical strength than you, or being better at sports than you, and guess what? Such gay men exist!

You’re sexist because you define men and women in very specific ways and expect women to accept your definition and play nicely in the little boxes you’ve constructed for them. I don’t care how close you are to your mother and sister (and the fact you refer to them as ‘females’, thus dehumanising them, is very worrying), I have to question how you’d react if they suddenly decided they didn’t want to play by the confines of the box you’ve made for them. You’d probably freak out.

Wow. You actually provided a link. It’s only take a lot of cajoling to get you to finally do something interesting. But is your link what you make it out to be? Is it the saving grace of your arguments? No, of course it isn’t. It’s grandstanding, and posing, and naturally fails to consider for even one second that maybe, just maybe, women have had enough of being given labels (like the ones you dish out), placed into boxes and told ‘you have to behave in a certain way or you’ll be considered unattractive’. But then, why should I think that you are capable of admitting that men do anything wrong? It’s easier for your ilk to blame the evil women!

Did Waifuist have any further gifts to give? Read on!

LOL! Pussy wiped mangina. Enjoy your evidence you man hatting piece of shit.

I’m done with your shaming and bias bull. You act like a know it all, but where’s the proof. I at least had something to offer unlike your ass.

I’m done talking with you mangina. Go ahead and respond because this is the last time I pay attention to you.

I don’t reason with idiots that have no proof nor have any reasoning power, but act like know it alls.

Enjoy your miserable life, unlike you I’m going be making myself happy in life.

MGTOW for life!

Manginas and feminists these days….

As you can see, yes he did! At this point, I’m not sure there is any merit to posting any more of his comments, since he started out so poorly and has gone rapidly downhill from there.

Bwwahahahahaha! What amazing intellect! What brilliant reasoning! Oh wait, you just confirmed you’re afraid of rational discussion🙂. I’ve provided evidence that women are far more likely to be victims of sexual assault, and the best you can do is cry about women’s alleged behaviour instead of making any steps to change your own. This is what, the third time you’ve said you are done? Wouldn’t surprise me to see you back, desperately seeking the last word🙂. If not, thank you for providing wonderful comic relief!

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