MGTOW Soldier P3

Smart people know when to disengage from a fruitless cause. They know when to withdraw from a battle they cannot win. Waifuist isn’t one of those people.

You may recall that he had made a few comments on this post, and I took a deeper look at them here and here. This particular post will be the final time I waste any time on him, since he is rapidly descending into ‘angry entitled brat’ territory, and what started out as a source of amusement is becoming dull. Here is his latest:

Thank you for praising my intellect, but I need no one to boost my ego.

How am I afraid of rational discussion when I’ve provided evidence? That makes no sense… You act like you know logic, yet you fail to notice the website I sent you.

Even if women are likely to get sexually assault. Do you ever wonder why? Were they dressing sluty or something? If so, what did they expect. If a any person were be wearing a T-shirt that says something racist, you can bet your rear -end is going to get kicked.

Funny how you only mention women getting abused only. What about the men in courts false rape accusations and losing everything in divorce. Clearly you are the naive one here if you only thing that women are always the victims. But then again, why am I not surprised. You live in Disney land; this is evident with that profile picture of yours.

Seriously though, you need to stop acting like you know logic, because you don’t.


I’ve chosen to correct your stupidity by responding. Good bye Disney boy, keep dreaming.

You obviously do need an ego boost because you’ve come running back to try and validate your hollow opinions and your hatred of women, which shines through clearer than ever!

The site you linked to isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on – I provided evidence too remember, yet you felt the need to dismiss that, and then avoid providing anything to back up your point of view for several posts, whining like a child until you were finally goaded into doing so.

I love your idea that women somehow invite assaults because of what they wear. This is one of the most tired, worn-out excuses, usually given by men who lack any self-control. ‘She wore something that showed a bit of leg, I couldn’t control myself, I got a stiffie and had to use it right there!’ That’s your argument in a nutshell. It assumes that the woman bears all the responsibility, as she ‘invited it’. That is, frankly, bullshit, but it doesn’t surprise me that you seek to absolve men of any responsibility for their own behaviour.

If a woman is nice to you (though why they’d be nice to youis anyone’s guess, given your hateful attitude), do you assume you have permission to then grope her? Would you consider it acceptable to expect sex if you bought a woman a drink? Do you think us men are so without willpower, and control, and sense, that we have to regulate what women do, right down to how they dress? Because that’s your logic right there. ‘Men are base, instinctive creatures, and we cannot control ourselves, so women need to be prudes so as not to provoke us’. That’s what you’re saying.

So go ahead and imagine you’re being clever by suggesting women are responsible for being assaulted. Go ahead and pretend that men shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. You’re a disgrace to men everywhere, and I openly laugh and pity you for your attitude. I look forward to your next desperate reply.

thank you for the ego boost, but I didn’t ask for it.

Hollow opinions? Hatred of women? What a noob. If I really hated women I wouldn’t talk to any women in my family. Yeah, keep assuming your false assumptions; they make you look smarter than what you already are, Disney boy.

Really? It isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on? Clearly you’re either downright Ignorant or down right stupid. Even if I did dismiss your “evidence” I provided more than you’ll be able to.

Child? Says the one with a Disney profile picture, lol. If I chose to show you was because I got tired of you rejecting my evidence, and now you grab my evidence an throw it back to me. this shows Ignorance. Clearly I’m not the only one dismissing evidence.

Idiot. So if a woman isn’t exposing her big boobs and walking in a bad neiborhood or night time she isn’t going to get raped by thugs or gangsters? Talk about logic… Keep talking Disney boy. Idiot! Women are at fault here too! Talk about being bias you feminist Disney boy.

If a woman is nice to you? Personally I wouldn’t buy a woman a drink nor want to have sex for just buying her a drink. That’s pathetic, not to mention a waste of money. Probably you would.

Oh, so you’re now changing the topic.. So you’re saying women can’t provoke men? IF A WOMAN WANTS SEX SHE WILL PROVOKE HIM! That’s like saying if a guy likes a girl he won’t make the first move…

Dress like a whore they will get raped. My sisterhad this experience you moron. She was walking in the part exercising and a bit exposed; next thing you know a male eith a black shirt starts following her. Go ahead and act like women never are at fault you bias Disney boy. So if a woman kills a man he must still be at fault? Right!? Lunatic.

You’re a disgrace to men everywhere?

Really? Well you’re a disgrace to feminists and manginas like yourself, LMFAO!

It’s funny how you can say you love your sister then blame her for being attacked. That is frankly, a frightening attitude. It also underscores my point – you hate women. You hate men too. You think women should conform to your narrow-minded views and think men are so savage and unrefined that we can’t control ourselves if a woman dresses in any manner other than prudish. You’ve outright stated that you blame your sister for getting attacked, rather than placing responsibility where it belongs – with her attacker.

So yes, you hate women. Deny it all you want, but when you think men shouldn’t be held accountable for attacking women, that demonstrates exactly what you think.

That’s right – if you read his latest – he really did consider his own sister responsible for being attacked. Waifuist wants to teach that women need to be coddled, protected and sheltered in specific gender roles, and that they shouldn’t provoke men – otherwise it’s women who should be held responsible for getting attacked. The flipside to this? His comments also send out the message that men are primitive creatures, that we are slaves to our instincts and incapable of using our intellect. This is deeply troubling.

1. You know nothing about my sisters, no I don’t havez just one. For your information I love one and dislike the other. One is downright drama, but the other is nicer and more caring.

“Funny how you say you love your sister then blame her for being attacked”. I’ve told her several times not to go to that park, because I can sense whether if a place is safe or not. She Ignored me, now she payed by Ignoring what I said.

Right? Its not completely frightening because I didn’t give you the full story nor am I going to tell you it.

“You hate men too”. Yes, I do. But only manginas like yourself .

“You think women should conform to your narrow-minded views”. If they don’t want to be stared at or labled a slut or ect. Why shouldn’t they. People will judge you for how you look. Look like a whore you will be judged.

Wow… How low are you getting? First you see women as the victims and now you say I’m hating men… Not to mention trying to all of a sudden “stand up” to men. Is this how low you really are? Are you for real??

Idiot! There will probably always be rape whether it be male or female. Don’t try to change the topic by saying how you assume I hate men without evidence. If I hated men I wouldn’t be a MGTOW but a low mangina like you, luckily that’s not the case.

I hate women? Shut the hell up already! I don’t hate women for just hating, because that would be stupid. Funny… I remember hearing how feminism posted some inhuman stuff like, “KILLALLMEN”. Clearly we all know who has the most hatred. Hating consumes energy, its a waste of time for me. Men and women should be accountable for their actions. The funny part here is how you only blame the man, but never the woman. It shows how fake and bias you really are.

Jokes on you now.

1. You have revealed plenty about what you think – dare to expect to be treated as a human being and not an object, and you deserve to get raped. That’s your philosophy in a nutshell. Hence why you blame your sister and not her attacker, which is frankly, repulsive. No woman deserves to get attacked – we should be educating young men to respect women and learn self-control, not assuming they are entitled to a woman’s body because of how they dress. You’d rather absolve men of responsibility for violence against women, on the grounds of dress code? Jeez, you are a shallow piece of work.

You just don’t get it. If you blame a woman for getting assaulted, you are displaying hatred for her, and for any woman who has been attacked. You are a hypocrite who thinks men are blameless in these situations and that women deserve it. You are more or less admitting that men are primitive creatures who cannot control themselves and should therefore be absolved of blame or responsibility for their behaviour. You want to label women sluts based on how they dress, not on how they act, and to be honest, who cares if women decide they want consensual sex with multiple partners? It is socially acceptable for men to sleep around after all, so you’re displaying more hypocrisy and misogyny.

The bottom line is, you’re a dinosaur. You’re a tired old cliché who believes in tired old clichés. You can cry all you want about how you love your mother and sister, but this doesn’t mean you don’t hold a general, over-arcing hatred of women. This is the last time I’ll reply to a post of yours – all others are going straight to the junk folder, where they belong, as you stopped offering anything funny or interesting, and descended into levels of idiocy that I didn’t think were possible.

So that’s it. The complete story of Waifuist. I feel deeply sorry for his sister – both for what she went through and for his attitude towards it (not to mention toward women in general). He seems to think that by declarations of love for family members means he cannot hate women, yet this is betrayed by his language, choice of insults and the idea that women somehow invite or deserve to be assaulted, based on choice of clothing (among other things).

This sort of attitude is deeply damaging to both men and women. It promotes stereotypes – men are unable to exercise self-control if confronted by the female form, and women are to be objectified and denied their humanity, and then also take the blame for this. Sadly, I don’t think Waifuist is capable of understanding this.


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