One Final Fling

So lately I’ve been engaged in a ‘discussion’ with a MGTOW who originally identified himself as an MGTOW soldier, then started going by the name Waifuist, and now this. I could quite easily pick apart what is essentially an angry and incoherent rant, but frankly, he is not worth the effort. What I do find amusing is that he lacks the courage to display our conversations, or even link to them! 


2 thoughts on “One Final Fling

    1. Ultimately, whether you identify as a feminist or egalitarian, it doesn’t take much work to see through Waifuist and his crap. He thinks feminists will hate ‘manginas’. Well, they might hate him for his use of female genitalia in a derogatory fashion, because that displays his hatred of women quite plainly. Not that he is capable of understanding why this is.


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