The Gay Agenda 

Thanks to the irrepressible George Takei (I love that man), I have become aware of a scary and shocking call for the incoming President Trump (urgh) to wield the axe and set back equal rights for same-sex couples decades. Republican politician Michele Bachmann has called upon Trump to reverse the evil gay agenda, in an interview with the Washington Watch Radio Show (the show’s host, one Tony Perkins, is also against LBGT rights).

What’s worrying is that Bachmann is actually a policy adviser for Trump. A woman who claims Obama forced other countries to hold gay pride marches into to qualify for aid will shortly be advising the new President on policies. Let that sink in for a moment.

Nor is she alone. Trump’s Vice-President, Mike Pence, backed a bill for his state of Indiana that was believed by many LGBT activists to be permissive of discrimination against them. Prior to this, he had said that Congress should resist efforts to have members of  the LGBT community protected under anti-discrimination laws. He has advocated banning same-sex marriage and civil unions, and has been against measures to ensure fair treatment in the workplace.

Jeff Sessions, who will take up the post of Attorney General, also voted against acts designed to promote better rights for LGBT individuals. Ben Carson, soon to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has skirted the line of homophobia with his comments. Keep in mind, this has been a very cursory glance at Trump’s cabinet, and it is extremely worrying that people who will soon have considerable power will be in a position to negatively influence the freedoms and rights of people who did not choose their orientation. If there is an ‘agenda’, it is one of denying the LGBT their rights as human beings, treating what should be a non-factor (especially in 2017) as something that defines a person (when it shouldn’t define them, any more than being straight should define me).

The circus is about to take charge. There are some scary clowns in it. Some though, are carefully concealed, behind the bluster of their leader.


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