The Ban and Misconceptions

Over the past couple of days I have read several pieces on why we shouldn’t be calling the ban Trump has ordered a Muslim ban. On why the left is distorting the issue. Well, let’s take a look at this shall we? Technically, the immigration ban is not a ban on Muslims – it just so happens to affect seven countries where the majority of people (refugees fleeing death and war) are Muslim. It therefore stands to reason that Muslims will make up the majority of those trying to get to safety. In turning them away, Trump is sending a message of indifference to their plight, and that will only breed anger and radicalisation.

The majority of IS’s victims just so happen to be Muslims, yet when they reach out for help, Trump is slapping their hands away. Is there the possibility of radicalised individuals making it into the US with refugees? Yes, absolutely. Does this mean that all those in dire need of finding refuge should be turned away? No. Far more people in the US will die at the hands of another American (be it through gun crime or some other means) than at the hands of radical Islam. Meanwhile, far more Muslims will die at the hands of IS. Yet somehow, the reactionary right feels denying other human beings safety and help is the best thing to do?


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