Rae’s Rules to Remember #8: What not to say during Black History Month

And this goes straight to the Coalition, well said!


So obviously February is Black History Month and of course, the complaints and ignorant comments are rolling in. If you do any of the things on this list then you’re a part of the problem that we face every single day.

I’m sure this could be a much longer list but, there are a few main things that I don’t want to hear this month:

“Why isn’t there a ‘White History Month?'”

  • We are in school from August to May. ONLY in February do we talk about African American History, so what the hell do you think we talk about any other time? That’s right, how your ancestors slaughtered thousands of people just to claim land.

“There are other races too”

  • No shit. They have their months too, but this one is ours. And don’t try to act like you suddenly care about all minorities. If you support minorities then…

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