Something Funny 

Having recently engaged in an amusing discussion with an individual who, for the sake of simplicity, shall be referred to as Waifuist (his username of choice when posting comments to The Coalition of the Brave), I was amused to learn that I had riled this person up enough to create a whole new website, aimed (as of the time of writing) primarily at me.

I’m flattered. Clearly (despite repeated statements that he was ending the conversation) he had a lot more to say to me, and being denied the opportunity to say it has rankled him. Hence his website.

Be warned, what follows may make you spit your drink over your screen.

Darthtimon. This guy is by far the biggest mangina I’ve ever met in my life. For all of you MGTOWS out there; don’t waste your time with this lunatic, because clearly he lives in Disney land. This is evident with his profile picture.

He’s a typical feminist and what do feminists do? Shame, call you a misogynist for being MGTOW, false assumptions and ect. 

In this blog; I’ll be explaining 5 reasons to Ignore these manginas. They aren’t even worth arguing with.

His first move (in fact, a move he makes quite often) is the ad hominiem attack. I’ve explained this before, but his argument is aimed at discrediting me and not the points I raised during our exchanges. His judgement that I am a ‘typical feminist’ betrays his lack of understanding over what feminism is, and his final point from the first paragraph is bursting with irony – ‘ignore people like him, even though I posted multiple comments to him and created a website just so I could bash him!’

That would be him, in the middle, trying to explain his double-standard to the crowd. 

Reason 1: They are being bias

No matter if your are right; they will always white knight to their women, that means you can be 100% right and guess what? They won’t care. All they’ll do is shame you or dodge your evidence like Darthtimon did to me.

They assume men are always at fault. That mangina of Darthtimon would always say that men are at fault. Yes, I was arguing with the Disney boy, and once I destroyed him he wusses out by deleting my posts. Don’t waste your tlme like I did against these manginas.

I’m biased? Yeah, I probably am, but so is he! Waifuist originally asserted that the courts are biased toward women. If that’s the case, why do so many cases of rape go unreported here in the UK? Might it be because of the low conviction rate? Likewise in the USA – where only 6 out of every 1,000 cases of rape results in a conviction?

But why let little things like facts stop the moron that is Waifuist? His focus is after all, not on assault and violence, but on custody battles and divorce.

Even here, Waifuist doesn’t actually have a point. His idea of inherent bias toward women in custody battles is based on a myth. If there is any truth to it, it is because of the traditional gender roles that he himself advocates!

Allow me to explain. Waifuist believes that a woman’s primary role is as a caregiver and housewife. The man is supposed to be the one who earns a crust. Looking after the kids is the ‘feminine’ role and keeping a roof over their heads

Given his beliefs, Waifuist has made a rod for his own back (something pointed out to him during our ‘chat’, though sadly, he didn’t comprehend this). You argue that women are naturally inclined to be stay-at-home-mothers and then whine that society has this idea so firmly embedded in its collective mind-set, that the courts use this principle to award custody to the mothers.

When it comes to divorce, Waifuist argued that feminism = high divorce rates. It will surprise no one who has read our exchange to learn that he could not provide anything to suggest a causal link between better rights for women, and higher divorce rates.

‘Women are money-grabbers’ – that’s an old, tired argument brought up by MGTOWs such as Waifuist. I don’t doubt that sometimes some women seek a divorce on these grounds. Equally, women seek divorce because their husband has been unfaithful, violent, or emotionally abusive. We live in an age where women are not prepared to be doormats to any and all forms of ill behaviour – and this is a good thing. Why should anyone be prepared to put up with that?

Finally, I must mention Waifuist’s laughable allegations. Not a single comment of his was deleted or altered in any way. You can see that for yourself here. What did happen is that I grew tired of his repetitive whining and justification of hating women, and thus took steps to prevent him from posting further comments. What’s even more amusing is that Waifuist has lacked the conviction to share the link to our conversation!

Keep in mind here, that whilst Waifuist may claim I believe men are always at fault, I don’t say this at all. The evidence points to men being far more likely to be the perpetrators of sexual violence. The evidence points to men getting away with this (see the details above about rape convictions). This is not to say that I think all men behave like this. The evidence points to men being more likely to behave like this. Meanwhile, if you look back at the discussion I had with him, you’ll see that he blames women for getting raped, rather than blaming the rapist for raping. So who hates who exactly? Because I don’t hate men, but Waifuist’s attitude is remarkably like that of a man who hates women…

Reason 2: They are laughable

Once you think about it, manginas are laughed at by MGTOWS and feminists. MGTOWS look down at them for allowing their selfs to be controlled. Being controlled is a sign of weakness.. Unconfident people need someone to assure them that everything is going to be fine, thus leting them selfs be tamed by women. MGTOW don’t, because they’re already heading straight toward their path alone.

Feminists laugh at manginas for being so weak and easily tamable. Gods knows how many times my mangina brothers would get stratched at by their feminist wifes. Their wounds were notice-able during parties I was present with them. So for all of you manginas out there, no, she doesn’t care about you; she’s using you(The red pill).

Waifuist’s continued use of terms relating to female genitalia to express negativity about men underscores the point about hating women. To him, women = weak and therefore being equated with feminine terms = insult. I am not aware of feminists who consider it bad that there are men who wish to treat them as equals. To be honest, this pair of paragraphs here is nothing but desperate self-justification.

Reason 3: They are brainwashed

Society has expectations for you, but will you act on societies will or your own will? Here’s what happens: There are 3 options in todays society. The first is to accept their philosophy of being a white knight, the second is to Ignore and not care, or the third is to reject and walk down the path that YOU believe to be right. The third path is more of a spiritual path, depending on how much you have evolved past the red pill rage and ect.

The first option is by far the worst; especially in a man hating society in this age. The second option is neutural, but can go either way depending on what truth and lies the individual is fed. The third option is more for MGTOWS, meaning; they go solo, thus, they have their own goals.

Clearly, those that attack MGTOW with false assumptions are the most brainwashed.


Uh huh. Society is brainwashed, but Waifuist isn’t, riiiiight.

In one way, he is right – society does have expectations on us. It expects women to be sexually presentable to men, even in the workplace, and their worth is defined by their appearance, as opposed to what they can do. It expects women to be ultra-careful when going out, and will judge women if they enjoy sex. It does not hold men to any of these standards.

It’s hardly surprising that Waifuist doesn’t understand this. He can’t even see this. His vision of society is a fantasy, where women are evil creatures out to rob men.

Reason 4:  They lack evidence

Not only was Darthtimon the biggest Disney mangina ever, but his arguments were very flawed due to his lack of evidence. He provided 0 evidence in his argument with me. The only thing he did provide was the typical: shaming, calling me misogynist, false assumptions and ect.

I was the one to provide evidence, and YET! He throws it back at me, as if saying: it’s not good enough. The link I provided him has a lot of websites about the philosophy of MGTOW. He showed me how “smart” manginas and feminists truly are. He dodged my evidence, no different than a rat running away from a cat.

How low can that Disney boy get? Regardless, stay away from stupid and Ignorant people like him.

A better title for this section of his page would have been ‘I lack evidence’, because Waifuist most certainly lacked it. Since he has proven afraid of providing a direct link to our discussion (and will no doubt avoid any mention of this page as well), I will simply refer back to what I have already provided.

Reason 5: They are a waste of time

I’m going to be honest to all of my MGTOW brothers out there, arguing with a mangina was a BIG waste of my time. I will never waste my time again; lesson learned. And, I hope none of you do what I did. Best wishes for all of you brothers.

A-MEN and MGTOW pride!

In other words, he has thrown a huge hissy fit. Since he has proven he can be easily goaded (follow our discussion and you’ll see how many  times he came back for more), it’s entirely possible he’ll respond to this somehow. If he does, it will no doubt be more of the same.


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