Women are Human too

I’m going to present the fairly radical notion that women are not merely property or a means to an end for men. They are not – despite the MGTOW narrative – ‘hypergamous’ or gold-diggers – and if some of them are, this is the direct result of the patriarchal society in which we live.

It is easy for the MGTOW, and the MRA, and the Red Pill men, to lay the blame for their problems on feminism and women, but this betrays a fundamental problem with themselves, and something that we as fellas need to do more often – take responsibility for our own lives. Not in the MGTOW sense of running away, but rather, to face up to women as equals, instead of viewing them as the weaker sex and expecting them to play that part. Case in point, a shift from some of the ideas I’ve seen presented recently:

I kind of got it back then, but not to the same level.  I used to be really angry that girls have to DO SHIT and can skate through life with endless attention and free rides.  It pissed me off so bad, that is a major undercurrent of hate in the MGTOW movement, is that a girl merely needs to look cute (and usually not even that) and will have thousands of followers, endless free dinners, new guys, new cocks…

But…that is the way they are.  They are more like NPCs in videogames.  They get the attention but don’t really achieve much in life.  They dont philosophize, they don’t invent, they don’t conquer…which btw feminists how many years of this shit do you need to finally actually have girls ‘do’ something?

Emphasis mine. Though really, this entire paragraph is concerning.

Women have free rides? Hmm. Tell that to the women who are expected to dress sexy for the benefit of male colleagues at work, or to impress customers. Tell that to the women who are unable to get careers in certain fields (look at the sciences) because of both overt and latent sexism. Tell that to the women who are denied the freedom to make choices about their own bodies.

A woman cannot post a picture of themselves without attracting unwanted attention. Yes, they may well enjoy being told they are pretty, but post a picture and you can guarantee they will get messages of a sexual nature before very long. Women are expected to be ready and willing to acquiesce to male desires by responding favourably to unsolicited gestures (such as responding to the unrequested and perhaps unwanted purchase of a drink at a bar), and have unrealistic body images hurled at them from all directions, from a young age. Don’t believe me? Take a look here. And here.

Women are subtly blocked from fields like the sciences, yet men complain women don’t do anything. Women would do a lot more, if not for the patricharial institutions that deny them opportunities. All around the world, girls outperform boys across a range of subjects at school, yet many do not go on to pursue roles in science and engineering fields, and even if they do, they are not granted the same long-term prospects in those fields. Whilst there may be something to the idea that women are more naturally inclined to go into fields like medicine, there is zero evidence that women are inferior in the brain power department.

So, women actually are doing things. They just end up going unrecognised by MGTOWs and MRAs and the Red Pill men, that prefer to be pretend women have perfect lives and are spoon-fed everything they need by gullible men all the time. The reality is quite different.


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