HOW TO SURVIVE: football

Sexism in football (and sport in general) is very much a real problem, and immortals here highlights just a few of the reasons why.


The Euros were a great time right? Germany missing penalties, Ronaldo missing penalties and well, Raheem Sterling missing the point. Me, a girl, expressing my opinion on social media about these atrocities, as well as my support for certain teams, seems to have hurt a few boy’s masculinity. My close male friends find it perfectly fine to talk about football and discuss the team I support etc. but 48 year old Dave on Facebook is having absolutely none of the Arsenal ladies. According to a survey done by Women In Football, nearly half of all women playing and working in the world of the sport have experienced some form of sexism, whether it be the ‘banterous’ kind (we’ll get onto that later) or just plain discriminatory. In March 2016, The Telegraph posted statistics that sexism in football was a DAILY occurrence.

Most of us know about the sexist commentators, the…

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