By now US President Donald Trump has made it clear he is not of a sound mind. His government has barely been in for a month and already it has lurched disgracefully from one crisis to another. Does it come as any great surprise to learn of yet another one?

Jeff Sessions is the man who has just been appointed to the position of Attorney General. This position sits as the head of the Department of Justice. His appointment has been met with criticism for a number of reasons, including historic objections to same-sex marriage and measures to make violence against homosexuals a unique crime in the legal system. His record on race relations is sketchy, with a number of allegations made against him regarding his treatment of people of colour. It is this that has put Sessions squarely in the media spotlight recently.

As is perhaps sadly fitting for Trump’s government, the issue of race also intersects with misogyny. Senator Elizabeth Warren attempted to read a letter from Coretta Scott King concerning Sessions’ treatment of elderly black voters thirty years ago, but she was shut down from doing so, on the grounds that senators shouldn’t be openly critical of one another (even though this is par for the course in US politics). The very next day, a male senator was able to read the same letter in full, without interruption.

So we have yet another example of the latent sexism in Trump’s government, and within the Republican party. There is now a man in charge of the US justice system who has been dogged by allegations of racism for a number of years. Despite this, there are still people who think Trump is the right man for the role of President. How much longer can people bury their heads in the sand on this?


4 thoughts on “Sessions

  1. I think his appeal to these people is as an outsider who has come in and shaken everything up, and doesn’t do things like they’ve always been done in Washington. The problem is, they’re mistaking action for progress.
    And, yeah, that opening statement is like, duh!

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  2. I gotta agree – great opening line.

    I do have to be a stickler for the facts, though (it’s what I do lol; please feel free to correct me at any time in return!): Four male Senators (Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Senator Tom Udall (D-NM), Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), & Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), specifically) were allowed to read Coretta King’s letter, either in part or its entirety.

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