The Mad MGTOW and Marriage 

Cast your minds back to Madara, aka Waifuist, aka the MGTOW soldier. Recall his petulance and hypocrisy. Well, he is continuing to display these traits on his website, with a long-winded complaint about marriage, and how it supposedly destroys men.

There are positives and negatives in marriage, but in this erra of time there’s more negatives than positives. Therefore, marriage is of no Importance. Those that are against my views are no doubt the most brainwashed and most naive.

As a MGTOW, it’s my duty to educate you about the negatives of marriage.

Note straight away the poisoning of the well. If you’re against his views you’ve been brainwashed. A convenient reason for him to dismiss counterpoints.

Do you want to live longer? Who doesn’t, right? Well, it turns our that men that experience stress on a daily basis are setting their selfs up for a shorter life span. It’s no surprise that men die early then women. All that nagging and negative things that your wife does is increasing your stress, thus, it’s actually DECREASING your life for 4-8 years. Think about that carefully… Is losing 4-8 years of life really worth it?

It’s hardly a revelation that stress is bad for health. The cause of stress though? That varies. What one person finds stressful, another won’t. I love the vagueness in Waifuist’s latest claim – that a man can lose up to eight years of his life due to ‘nagging’. Here’s the thing – marriage takes work, and it is a partnership. I will sometimes end up doing things that I don’t want to do, or go places I don’t want to go, for the benefit of my wife. Equally, she will do likewise for me. We are partners, and neither of us are perfect, and we do not have exactly the same personalities, so yes, we will get on each other’s nerves from time to time. Make no mistake, this is not at all akin to being stressed to the point where lifespans are being reduced, though these situations can apply in both directions in any relationship.

Who doesn’t like freedom? I’m sure all men like freedom. When you’re married though, you can’t go hang out with your buddies and go to clubs or ect.. Say good-bye to your fun time, and say hello to the incoming responsibilities of marriage. There’s hardly any time for your hobbies, because your wife says so. No, she won’t also let you have some alone time either, she loves attention and you must give it to her because she says so.

Ask yourselfs, is losing such freedom worth it? Will I gain something from this lack of freedom? I, personally, highly doubt it. When I look at my married brothers… They look very miserable.

I’m married. I still go out with my friends from time to time. Might there be some wives who forbid their husbands from living the same sort of life they had when they weren’t married? I don’t doubt it. Equally, there will be men out there who expect their wives to be tame subservient shrews. This is not a one-way street, and it is certainly not indicative of a typical marriage. What I will say is that once married, responsibilities will change. This is normal. We grow up and our priorities change. This affects us all, men and women alike. Waifuist must have very limited contact with women for him to think the way he does.

Yes! More money and power for you sir! Not only will you be doing yourself a favor, but you’ll be having a fatter wallet.  A fatter wallet equals more fun and perhaps more hobbies.

(There was a picture here of an empty wallet, a full wallet, and a man living on the street)

As you can see above; you have 3 options. Option 1, you can be broke from having a girlfriend, and choose to be a loser that spends all his money on this chick that will not LIKELY reciprocate the love you have for her. 

Option 2, you can have bank in your pocket or option 3, lose everything by a society that couldn’t give a hoot about you. The only thing society and the states care about is the woman, not the man.

What a load of bullshit. This is the idea that every woman is only interested in a man because of his wealth. It is, ironically, built upon the platform of patriarchy, which defines a person’s worth through such artificial means, and clearly Waifuist does too, for he considers having more money as a mark of success. Would I like more money? Of course, who wouldn’t? It would make life easier in many ways. It doesn’t mean I’d enjoy being in an empty home, alone. Such a life would be shallow, especially come the end of it.

As MGTOWS, we already know how much power women have over men. This power that they have has led to tyranny and major stupidity coming from feminism. Only by refusing to play their games can you defeat them.

Did you know that feminism has been enforcing hatred toward short men?

Don’t believe me? Check this link out:

These women are absolutely disgusting. They talk about how useless and insignificant short men are. The whole irony about this is how only short men are being discriminated, but short women are not? Like I said before… Men are seen as second class citizens by feminists and society as well.

Not only that, there’s another post called KILLALLMEN. I think that post came from twitter as well. If you have interest search it up.

Does he think a link to Twitter is proof of anything? Yes, misandry exists. Is it embedded in our institutions in the same fashion as misogyny? Absolutely not. Despite all the progress made toward equality for the sexes, institutional misogyny still exists. Don’t believe me? Take a look  here. Oh, and here as well.

Every time a woman is threatened because she won’t reply to a random stranger’s remarks on the street, every time a woman is attacked because she ‘wore the wrong clothes’ and ‘invited it’, every time a woman is told to mind their place in life and told not to aspire to be anything more than a housewife, that’s misogyny. It is everywhere. Ask a woman – any woman – if she has experienced harassment in some way shape or form in her life, and felt afraid to voice concerns in case she experiences a backlash of some kind, and the chances are, she will say yes. 

When it comes to marriage; men don’t have any benefits, especially when it comes to divorce. Look at it this way: when you get married you are signing a contract to become a slave to your wife. And, when you divorce her, she has the power to take half of your stuff; including your house. Think twice before you sign the contract of love, especially if you’re rich. Rich men are targeted by feminists to be able to extract resources from them, and you can see how easy this is with divorce.

This frankly isn’t true, but even if it were, it is a symptom not of feminism, but of the patriarchy. In the world Waifuist lives in, women are expected to perform their traditional roles and be completely dependent on their man for income. In the event of a divorce, it is hardly surprising that the courts would rule the man is still responsible for supporting his now ex-wife. Bottom line is, you can’t have it both ways Waifuist.


One thought on “The Mad MGTOW and Marriage 

  1. Ummm… why is it half his stuff in the event of a divorce? Doesn’t she have equity in the house? Doesn’t she contribute to the bank account? In most cases, both partners have to work nowadays to afford … y’know… a roof over their heads (leading to a crazy increase in costs, but that’s another conversation lol).

    Even if one partner doesn’t work, there is a value to the services he/she performs inside the house. This includes your partner surrendering his/her education & career to support the “bread-winner,” putting their own needs on the back-burner.

    Imagine paying for a maid, cook, full-time childcare, &, yes, a hooker to address all the in-home needs. Yet so many (idiots) say that’s not worth anything when it comes to divorce? If I were in that situation, I’d keep track of current prices for those services & a running tally for my partner. But, then again, I’m a Grade-A jerk. XD

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