Misogynists go to War – with each other

It’s amusing to watch when a group formed largely out of anger falls upon itself. I’ve been observing a rather angry exchange on a post critiquing MGTOWs and some of the irony present in these comments (and the ignorance as well) manages to be both frightening and amusing. There are the unsurprising and frequent attacks on women and feminism, and attacks from and to MGTOWs. It’s an interesting little exchange. First up, it’s important to take a closer look at the post which has started this debate – I’m not going to repeat the description of MGTOWs from the site – instead, let’s jump straight to Jack Ronin’s first paragraph:

While there is a lot I agree with here.  Especially for younger males, this opting out of cultural norms can be very important so they can focus on improving themselves.  The problems which arise when someone fully embraces this ideology, is that ultimately it’s just a form of feminism for men.

As per the quoted text we see that MGTOW eschews all relationships with women and they generally have a vocal disdain for men who practice game or otherwise still want women in their lives.

The initial idea is a false comparison between MGTOWs and feminists. Since MGTOWs pretty much loathe feminists (and women in general), it’s not a surprise that the initial thrust of this post is to paint feminism in a bad light. The reality is, the two ideals are poles apart in pretty much every sense.

MGTOWs that I have encountered speak of disconnecting from women (who they often refer to as ‘hypergamous’, without realising the painful flaw in that argument), yet they cannot stop talking about women, often in derogatory terms, and over at the haven for misogyny and MGTOWs/MRAs that is Return of Kings, much time is devoted to how best to objectify women. Feminism, by and large, seeks equality between the sexes, not the domination of one over the other. Feminists seek to bring about meaningful change. MGTOWs do not care for equality and social change – they don’t want this, or to be more accurate, they do want equality, but on their terms – where they have complete control over relationships and women don’t attempt to be more than housewives.

Taking time for yourself to gain personal strength, knowledge and understanding is very important.  MGTOW goes to the extreme however in insisting that all women are these evil creatures which will cast their magic spells on them at even the slightest interactions.  This mentality views the problem from a powerless and irredeemably weak position.  Indeed the blanket aversion to all women is a surefire recipe to never understand women or how to communicate and have any sort of functioning relationships with them.

In this sense the author might be correct. MGTOWs certainly put forward some extreme ideas about women, including the aforementioned ‘hypergamous’ quality. The distorted version of hypergamy is the idea that women seek to improve their status through the men they partner with, and that they will discard men (usually having drained them of their resources) if a better man comes along. It does not occur to them that such behaviour, if it even exists, is a direct consequence of old-fashioned patriarchal thinking, that encourages men to be the strong providers, and women to be meek and seek security in the arms of a strong, powerful man. You cannot expect women to desire these traits because that’s their role, and then act surprised when this turns around and bites you, yet this is precisely what is going on here.

Feminism certainly isn’t about encouraging women to be dependent on men. Feminism is about giving men and women the same choices in life. Sadly, a highly twisted version of what feminism is gets paraded around by MGTOWs and MRAs around the net, and people swallow this far too easily.

Simply blaming women for all that ails them is a piss weak way of handling adversity.  Like the shrieking feminists they claim to hate, MGTOW guys end up behaving exactly like them.

Also ridiculously weak is the allergic reaction some of these types have to any suggestion that they aren’t living up to any of the qualities which make a real man.  Use this wording on some of them and watch the hilarious meltdown they have.  What does this remind anyone of?

You guessed it, the very same childish, infantile reactions sjw’s and their ilk vomit out at any critiques of their beloved narrative.  Feminists loathe the idea that they must change themselves.  I have seen the exact same responses from MGTOW types when I dared to insist that much if not all the problems associated with current female behavior is due largely to weak men themselves.

Who do you think allows women to behave this way?  Who cast their votes to allow the weaker, solipsistic sex the right to vote in their disenfranchisement?  You guessed it.  Males did!

Emphasis mine. MGTOWs do not behave like feminists. MGTOWs are not interested in equality. They are usually not interested in going their own way, since they bash women, and feminism, and even other men at every opportunity. They want to have their cake and eat it. It is true that there are extreme examples of feminists who call for harm on men, but it can drawn into question as to whether they are truly feminists, since they ignore the definition of feminism and have morphed into misandrist territory. To use them as the overriding example is to be incredibly short-sighted.

I’ve placed some further emphasis on a couple of phrases that are particularly interesting and revealing of the mindset of the author. There is this ‘real man’ nonsense. The ‘weaker sex’ rubbish. The sort of poisonous attitudes that reaffirm tired stereotypes don’t help anyone, whether male or female.

That’s about all I have to say on the subject for now, but check out the rest of the article, and the comments – it’s entertaining if nothing else.!


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