“But what about the women who rape men?”

All too often, self-righteous men will try to suggest assaults on men by women are comparable in nature and quantity to the assaults women experience by men. This is blatantly untrue.

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Whenever women write about, march against, or mention rape, there is inevitably that one man who will show up and ask this. “What about the women who rape men? Why aren’t you standing up for them too? If feminism is really about equality between the genders, then why aren’t you talking about the men who are raped?”

Well, yes, sexual assault or rape of anybody is horrific. Obviously, I am just as much against the rape of men as I am against the rape of women.

However, why is it only when we speak of women being raped (one out of six in the U.S.) that men conveniently remind us that some women are rapists, too? Why do they only care about men being raped when they have the opportunity to talk over women?

Men, if you truly care, please start your own conversation about this. I encourage you to…

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