Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month


As most of you know April is Autism Awareness Month. Or as some people prefer, Autism Acceptance Month. From my understanding it seems that people are pushing more towards “acceptance” because a lot of people still associate “awareness” with Autism Speaks.

In case you don’t know, supporting Autism Speaks is NOT the way to show your support for people on the spectrum.

Here’s why: The entire platform of Autism Speaks is working on a cure. If a person on the spectrum wants that cure then that’s fine, but it has to be their choice. The issue with that, is that eradicating autism does not help people who currently are on the spectrum. It sends the message that these people need to be “fixed.” This organization doesn’t help them thrive and excel.

Personally, I believe in choosing to advocate acceptance instead of awareness in this case. Think about it, when you hear of…

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