Creepy Old Men

In a post which is sure to get the deeply conservative elements out there annoyed, let’s share this tweet:




Ok, where do I begin?

I’m a guy, which means yes, I’ve noticed if a woman I consider attractive walks by me. I have eyes – I can’t control who comes into my field of vision. What I can control though, is how I subsequently react. What do we think is the right thing to do fellas?

Do we A: carry on about our business and leave the woman alone?

Or B: ogle her and make her uncomfortable?

It should be bloody obvious what the correct answer is, but to those of you who might be struggling – it does not matter if she is wearing a suit, a skirt, a bikini, or the corpse of her enemies – she is not inviting the intimidating stares that end up being directed at her. Don’t listen to out-dated dinosaurs like Michael Reagan – he really isn’t a good example.

One thought on “Creepy Old Men

  1. Great post. This guy, whomever he is (I know who he is, but he’s really insignificant in my book), is either willfully or blissfully ignorant. I guess it’s easy to judge how people should feel when in a situation he’s never experienced, right?

    Still, I gotta let you in on a big secret: It’s not just men who notice when an attractive person walks by them. But, very few people have a problem with someone looking… unless it’s a slack-jawed, super-slow eyeballing up & down with a smirk or something similar. An appreciative glance? No problem. A stare that makes the person look like that cartoon wolf, where his eyes bug out of his head, his jaw drops, & his tongue unfurls? Yeah, not attractive or appealing. LOL

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