Ding Dong, O’Reilly is Gone

Well it’s taken an age, and it’s happened not due to a genuine respect for women, but US news network Fox has removed news host Bill O’Reilly, following allegations that he sexually harassed a number of women at work. This is the end of a deeply racist, sexist show – not the end of O’Reilly’s career (he will likely carry on as a novelist), but the end of his time on TV, at least for the short-term. Whilst it’s good that he’s been removed, this is something that should have happened a long time ago.

This is a man who was as openly racist as it is possible for someone to be, and yet somehow remained on TV for many years. His rants are preserved across the web and yet, somehow, his show managed to be one of the most popular ones of its kind on US television. This is despite a string of attacks on people who aren’t white Christians. With luck, his departure will force a rethink of how Fox News handles this sort of character, but I am not holding my breath. This is sadly indicative of the US religious right – they will make changes if forced to, not because they want to.


6 thoughts on “Ding Dong, O’Reilly is Gone

  1. Conservatives are trying to blame liberals for O’Reilly’s ousting. It amuses me that it’s their precious free-market capitalism that pulled that vile bag of hate off the air. Still… it’s distressing that advertisers were so willing to keep funding him for so long. 😦

    Also distressing: O’Reilly got $25 million in severance pay. That’s nearly two times as much as his (five) victims were paid in total. This country disappoints me to no end. 😥


      1. I totally agree – they did it because advertisers pulled their commercials, probably due to public pressure. But, those same advertisers supported O’Reilly, with their advertising/commercial dollars, for years without any problem. So… progress is slow; it does seem like the public’s outcry was heard, though.


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