Women making the future

Basically, this says women are here to produce babies, not have lives of their own. Only then can they be deemed ‘good women’.

Given that I was shut down from adding replies on a different thread (see here for more details on that), I am quite surprised that – at this moment – my reblog comment has been allowed through. Regardless, if you check out the link above, you’ll see the image, and hopefully understand why I object to it. It is a subtle attempt to suggest that women are here to provide one service – to make babies. That to qualify as a ‘good woman’, they should be doing their biological duty, and not aspire to anything else. It’s a good thing no one told Marie Curie that, or how about Catherine the Great, or Florence Nightingale, or Millicent Fawcett, or how about several women scientists whose names deserve greater recognition? Let’s please move on from this antiquated misogyny please?

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