Just a Piece of Meat!

Women are human too guys. Try to remember that.

random little things

So, I was cat called the other day! Yay, it is always fun.

What was I wearing, you ask? Why, Just a sweaty, smelly, baggy work out T-shirt and a old gym tracks, with my sweaty hair matted to my head in a sad excuse of a bun. Attractive, I know! Where were you, you ask, was it at night in an abandoned alley, near a Tasmac shop? No, it was bright, hot summer day, 8:30 in the morning, in a busy street adjacent to Nelson Manickam road, which is very close to my home, and I was returning from my gym. Was I asking for it? No, certainly not. Is it still my fault? Must be.

And it bothered me quite some days now. Don’t mistake me. It was not the first time I was cat called. I am not bragging, it is not some thing to brag about…

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