The Final Hurrah

No folks, I am not abandoning this site or what it means. I refer to a final, conclusive chapter in my dealings with the people behind the site Blogging Theology.

Lately, one of the site’s chief owners, Paul, has increasingly indulged in appeal to mockery tactics, comparisons to Nazis, and what I consider to be outright dishonesty, across a range of issues, but the ones that I am specifically focusing on in this article are womens’ rights and same-sex relationships.

To begin with, let’s consider his classic use of the Slippery Slope Fallacy – and subsequent denial thereof – on the subject of LGBT rights:


The Foreign Office tweet’s meaning is obviously to anyone who is operating with any reasonable degree of common sense. It was posted in direct connection to an International Day raising awareness of bigotry against the LGBT community. It requires either a break in common sense – or a deliberate distortion of the message – to arrive at the conclusions on offer here.

I believe the latter is at work here. There’s a wilful, and deliberately misleading,  comparison of the message to incest, and even bestiality (yes, seriously), which underlines the bigotry on show. Don’t believe me? Read the thread, and check out the screen shot below:


Unfortunately, rather than even attempt to engage in meaningful discussion, Paul has frozen me out altogether – indulging in obvious and shallow appeal to mockery tactics whilst evading the points raised. I consider this a form of dishonesty, which is why I raise the issue here. I would not care if my views were being represented accurately, but they are being deliberately distorted, which I won’t stand for.

It is remarkable in many ways, how Paul’s particular interpretation of his faith lines up almost perfectly with David Tee’s interpretation of Christianity. David and Paul have both said that women should effectively ‘get over’ being raped. ‘The child is innocent!’ They cry. So is the woman, who is a victim of a crime, but her life is secondary, even irrelevant. Both have defended discriminatory ideals against same-sex couples, and as seen from the above, Paul is not above comparing same-sex relationships to non-consensual relationships.

So what to do? Firstly, I would ask people to not take either one of these men as representative of their respective faiths as a whole. There are many varying interpretations of every religion. Secondly, I would ask you to oppose the idea that same-sex relationships will somehow lead to things like incest, and to oppose the idea that women should be regarded as shipping crates.

3 thoughts on “The Final Hurrah

  1. Paul is extremely immature. One conversation with him will divulge that very obvious fact. He doesn’t answer questions posed to him directly, he deflects by asking irrelevant questions and he’ll just insult you when you make a valid point. As childish a person as they come.

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      1. He’s not an open-minded individual, who wants to learn new things. He’s curled himself up in is Islam Cocoon and doesn’t want to see things any other way. He doesn’t see grey areas. He doesn’t think things need to be discussed. He thinks that he’s correct, the be all and the end all. It’s appalling.

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