The Hypocrisy of the Right

This isn’t intended to aim at everyone who identifies as right-wing. Far from it. It’s intended as an observation of what I’ve been reading on Facebook and Twitter, since the attack in Manchester. Some of what I’ve read is deeply troubling, very ignorant, and worst of all, playing directly into the hands of IS. How is that you ask? I ask – how is it not obvious? Divide and conquer, one of the oldest strategies in the book.

We’ve seen the hypocrisy of the political right in action with Donald Trump. From policies intended to divide people because of their faith, to selling weapons to nations that have links to the very terrorism he claims to oppose. Policies from governments (which include left-wing ones as well – think Tony Blair) have left voids in the Middle East that were ripe for exploiting (the Iraq War, led by the previous Republican government, springs to mind). Does Islam have problems? Yes, I believe it does. I’ve discussed certain points at length, which are detailed on Meerkat Musings. I am no defender of religion. Nor will I demonise an entire faith and its one billion followers. That gives IS what they want. Are we going to do that?


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