All Over the News: Manchester and London

Anger Spread Thin

We’ve all heard it and seen it on the news. And though this post frankly quite late, I didn’t feel correct posting it too soon after the attacks in Manchester a few weeks back. I was quite distraught, actually, that such a thing happened at all. I spent that night and the night after crying and trying to wrap my head around the kind of sick, repulsive life-form could commit that kind of atrocity.

Who? Who in their right mind premeditates an attack on a venue that holds mainly young women and children?

I couldn’t understand it. It’s so unjustifiable in my mind. I asked around the next day and the responses I got were very much along the lines of “he was brainwashed to think it was the right thing to do” – which I do not and could not accept as a reasonable answer. Who is…

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